Roland Systems Group Releases iPad App and Software Update for M-300 V-Mixer


Last Updated: April 4, 2013 9:43 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--April 4, 2013) Roland Systems Group (RSG) is pleased to announce the immediate availability of a dedicated iPad Control App and V1.5 software update for their popular M-300 V-Mixer console. The M-300 V-Mixer console is a core component of the V-Mixing System providing mixing, effects and external control of digital snake pre-amps, multi-channel recording, instant playback, rehearsal and the world’s finest Personal Mixing System for musicians.

Some of the powerful new features packed into this free version update includes a new 31-band mono GEQ, an expanded group of library effects, cross-fade for scene changes and a detailed Recall Filter function that enables you to select which parameters to recall at a greater level of granularity. This new software also supports the Roland Wireless LAN USB Adapter enabling wireless connectivity between the M-300 iPad Control App and the console.

The iPad application is designed to control parameters of the M-300 allowing the user to store scenes and edit the Channel Strip (EQ), GEQ, and Sends on Fader to name a few. Using Wireless LAN to connect, users are able to adjust mixing parameters on stage or around the room, away from the M-300 positioned at the front of house. By connecting Roland’s new Wireless Connect USB adapter to the M-300 USB port, the M-300 appears on a wireless network enabling the iPad to connect and control the console.

Other V1.5 operability enhancements include a CHANNEL DISPLAY screen for DCA groups, the ability to disable more user settings, and a default guest startup mode to allow basic user functionality without admin level control. For monitoring, a dimmer function has been added and a lock out feature to disable the LEVEL knobs to prevent accidental monitor volume changes.

The Roland M-300 Version 1.5 upgrade has improved the number of RS-232C control parameters ensuring that system installers, integrators, and users have access to more remote control functionality from touch panels, video devices, and software.

Concurrent with this update is the announcement that all V-Mixers now include the ability to do multi-channel recording. By simply connecting a Cat5e/6 cable from any REAC port to a network port on a PC enables 40 channels of WAV capture.

The M-300 Remote app is available from the iTunes App store on April 4, 2013.
The M-300 Version 1.5 software can be downloaded at

About Roland Wireless Connect
The hardware portion of Roland Wireless Connect is a simple, compact wireless USB adapter WNA1100-RL (that plugs into the USB port on a Roland product or instrument. In order for the mobile device to communicate with the M-300, you can setup a point-to-point ad-hoc network or use a wireless LAN access point.

About the Roland M-480 V-Mixer
The M-300 V-Mixer features 32 mixing channels and 4 dual-mono effect processors. Bussing is strong with a total of 15 consisting of 8 auxiliaries, 4 matrices and full support for mono, stereo and LCR sound design. With a configurable choice of available digital I/O boxes, the M-300 can support up to 92 inputs and 90 outputs – all fully assignable via the digital patchbay. The patchbay also has the unique ability to route any input to any output without going through the mixer. Each mixing channel includes 2 stages of dynamics processing and 4-band PEQ. Dedicated 8-band PEQ, limiting and delay are available on every output.

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