TSL Professional Products to showcase NEW soundfield Surround Sound Up/Downmix Processor and New Developments In Its Tallyman And Power Management Systems At NAB 2013


Last Updated: April 2, 2013 11:24 pm GMT
(NAB 2013, Las Vegas--April 2, 2013) TSL Professional Products Ltd. (PPL), manufacturer of surround sound microphones and processing, audio monitoring, tally/cross-equipment communication and power management solutions for the broadcast industry, will showcase its extended range of innovative broadcast solutions at the 2013 NAB Show (Booth N1124).

Featured systems include surround solutions from its Soundfield range, including the new X1 Combined Upmix/Downmix Processor, the DSF-B Digital Broadcast Microphone System and UPM-1 stereo to 5.1 processor. TSL PPL’s new Tallyman VP Virtual Panel and push-button TMCP Control Panel systems, along with the VIP Power Distribution Unit will also be demonstrated.

“Efficiency is the key for today’s broadcaster striving for a ‘do-more-for-less’ work ethic that is driven by shrinking budgets, loudness regulations and a demand for more HD/surround programming, ” says Chris Exelby, Managing Director of TSL PPL. “The TSL PPL pedigree, based on pioneering technologies that positively impact production workflow, is increasing in popularity in North America as more and more significant broadcast players embrace our solutions to maximise powerful workflow tools that streamline content delivery.”

SoundField X-1 Multi-Channel Environment Combined Upmix/Downmix Processor:
NAB 2013 will see the launch of TSL PPL’s new SoundField X-1 Multi-Channel Combined Upmix/Downmix Processor, which provides a flexible, transparent interoperability between 5.1 and stereo audio controllable from any PC. Designed for the rigors of on-air use, the X-1 is fitted with a redundant power supply and can be implemented as either a ‘set and forget’ processor, or as a fully adjustable real-time upmixer and downmixer. The X-1 offers auto-detection algorithms that allow it to identify the format of incoming audio, upmixing or downmixing as necessary. The unit is also capable of performing two completely independent processes by handling different audio streams simultaneously. The control software application may be run on a laptop or PC connected to the X-1 via Ethernet, or via the USB port on the device itself. The X-1 is an addition to TSL PPL’s SoundField range of Surround Sound Capture Microphones and Processing solutions for live event broadcasting, location recording and music recording. The entire SoundField range will be shown on TSL PPL’s NAB booth for the first time. TSL PPL acquired SoundField in September 2012. For more information visit http://www.soundfiled.com

SoundField DSF-B digital broadcast package:
Surround capture and processing is one of the most challenging items that face broadcasters today as increased 5.1 production costs, established stereo workflows and legacy programming technically collide. To address these issues, the SoundField DSF-B digital broadcast package, consisting of a DSF-2 surround microphone, DSF-2 controller and DSF-3 processor, provides simultaneous digital surround and stereo soundscapes of large-scale outside broadcast events such as sports stadiums and concert hall venues. It removes the need for multiple arrays, generating multi-channel audio from a single point source. It additionally offers downmix compatibility with mono or stereo. The microphone parameters can be controlled remotely, including orientation, angle, pickup pattern and rotation.

SoundField UPM-1 stereo to 5.1 converter processor:
The SoundField UPM-1 is a hardware-based stereo to 5.1 converter processor designed for the broadcaster that needs to match legacy stereo soundtracks with contemporary 5.1 commercials and programming. The UPM-1 generates the material for the extra channels by closely analyzing the source stereo signal over time. Using a unique algorithm developed for this purpose, the UPM-1 can detect reverberant content in the stereo signal, differentiate it from the direct sounds in the mix, and separate it out. Engineers can adjust the details of the processing directly from the UPM-1's front panel. The system is also available as a processor plug-in on a computer.

TallyMan Cross equipment Communication:
The TallyMan family is designed to coordinate crucial infrastructure components, including routers, vision switchers, cameras, audio monitoring, power distribution and talkback systems, to provide seamless cross-equipment communications. It provides a real time overview of entire broadcast systems and is available in four different form factors with a variety of connectivity using opto-isolated GPI inputs, relay or open collector GPI outputs. Featured at NAB will be the TallyMan VP Virtual Panel and TallyMan (push-button) TMCP Control Panels that provide a common workflow for engineering operators, with the capability of addressing virtually limitless numbers of routers and control units. Through either a desktop virtual panel or a tactile and easy-to-install hardware panel, the units interface with any third-party router, or router control panels, and can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures. Additionally, the system can handle any router upgrades or additions, obviating the need for a new tally interface, while preserving existing workflow. Both the Tallyman Virtual Panel and TMCP Control Panel can take the place of multiple or more expensive vendor-specific control panels, streamlining workflow through a common control interface.

Vertical Intelligent Power (VIP) Power Distribution Units (PDU):
The VIP Power Distribution Unit delivers all the functionality of TSL PPL’s powerful rack mount PDU systems, but in a modular, custom-configurable, vertical format that streamlines the installation process. Instead of having to measure solder and cut connecting power cables for each piece of rack equipment, which can take up to a half man-day of time per rack, the VIP mounts vertically to the mounting strip hardware on the back of a rack unit, so that only existing AC cables are required for each piece of gear. The unit is ideal for broadcast, IT and AV installations in need of fail-safe power distribution management. TSL PPL will also feature its entire line of Power Manager Mains Distribution Units that provide flexible solutions for power management requirements, including Eco Power mapping for those needing to save energy and costs.

About TSL Professional Products Ltd.
TSL Professional Products Ltd. designs, manufactures and markets a range of hardware and software solutions that serve to simplify operations within the television broadcast, cable, satellite, IPTV and IT industries. Specializing in audio monitoring, surround microphones and processors, tally solutions and power management tools, TSL PPL products satisfy and exceed the commercial, technical and operational requirements that exist in IT-based and traditional workflows, helping its customers to lower costs, generate revenue and streamline operations. TSL PPL’s dedicated products team has many years of combined personal, hands-on experience, having worked for broadcasters, post-production facilities, information technology companies and outside broadcast operators worldwide.  For more information, please visit http://www.tsl.co.uk/products.aspx.
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