We Women Warriors Launches Peace In Colombia Engagement Campaign


Last Updated: April 5, 2013 8:59 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--April 5, 2013) The acclaimed documentary that reveals the plight of native women caught in the crossfire of Colombia’s warfare is launching a campaign to promote civic engagement in the United States to help bring peace to Colombia.

In Colombia’s war-torn indigenous villages, three brave women from distinct tribes use nonviolent resistance to defend their peoples’ survival. We Women Warriors bears witness to neglected human rights catastrophes and interweaves character-driven stories about female empowerment unshakable courage, and faith in the endurance of indigenous culture.

Colombia’s civil war has claimed some 250,000 victims and is a complex quagmire to dismantle. Still, peace talks are underway, and there is hope that a reconciliation process can end nearly 50 years of internal bloodshed. The U.S. has played a decisive role in supporting Colombia’s warfare, giving more than $8 billion in military aid since 2000.

“Now is the time for U.S. citizens to step up and support peace in Colombia. The film’s engagement plan provides a space for cultural exchange, dialogue, and concrete actions to reduce U.S. military aid to Colombia,” says independent filmmaker Nicole Karsin.

During April, We Women Warriors will screen at the Arizona State University Human Rights Film Festival, Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, Johns Hopkins University Film Festival, Athens International Film & Video Festival, and at a special screening at the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre in Los Angeles to engage constituents of Rep. Adam Schiff to urge him to stand for peace in Colombia.

A unique energy permeates at a screening when audience members are moved by a film. If this energy is harnessed with a sound, cohesive engagement plan connected to a national movement it can generate systematic social change.

“It appears we have all the magical ingredients,” Karsin says. “Our experience over the past few months confirms that the film produces a strong emotional response.”

We Women Warriors humanizes Colombia’s civil war by transmitting the personal stories of three brave women. It also provokes numerous questions about U.S. involvement in the internal conflict and subsequent humanitarian crisis. By raising awareness about the U.S. role in Colombia and by offering actions, which are part of a movement, the We Women Warriors engagement campaign aims to help improve U.S. policy toward Colombia by reducing military aid there.

“We are working alongside several prominent non-governmental organizations to help get their e-petitions signed,” says Karsin. “Right now the House of Representatives is determining the 2014 budget, and we ask everyone to participate by urging them to make a budget with defense cuts that supports peace in Colombia.”
For more information visit: http://www.wewomenwarriors.com


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