Square Box Systems, Inc. Hires Dave Clack as CEO


New CEO Brings Engineering Leadership and Business Strategy to CatDV Media Asset Management

Last Updated: April 8, 2013 11:01 am GMT
(NAB 2013, Las Vegas--April 8, 2013) Square Box Systems, a leading provider of multimedia tools for production workflow, announced the appointment of Dave Clack as CEO. Under Clack’s tenure, the company also recently introduced a major upgrade to its award-winning media asset management application, CatDV version 10.0.

“There’s a real energy and buzz around seeing how CatDV gets used in real world settings and how it can optimize customer’s workflows,” explained Clack. “I know our founder Rolf Howarth shares this excitement. He had the vision for CatDV when digital workflows were in their infancy. He could see how non-linear editing and tapeless workflows would transform an industry before the terms MAM or DAM had been invented. It’s a pleasure to be part of this visionary company.”

Prior to joining Square Box Systems, Clack was Head of Technology Delivery and Deputy CTO for LMAX Exchange, a high frequency trading platform. He brings with him a wide scope of engineering and business development credentials and has served many leadership roles across multiple industries including finance, consulting, information security, travel and e-commerce.

The appointment of Clack caps a successful year for Square Box Systems with CatDV installs increasing across multiple verticals globally including government, finance, insurance, sports, medical, broadcast, education, politics, hospitality, non-profit, transportation, manufacturing, post-production and more.

In recognizing CatDV’s importance to customer’s day-to-day business needs, the company has made a directed investment in product development and support. In addition to hiring Clack to round out the management team, Square Box Systems have brought on a Product Manager as well as additional technical staff. “I am particularly pleased to announce Lee Phillips as our Product Manager, Lee’s joined from an award winning production team and has extensive experience of workflow, post production, VFX supervision and on-line finishing. He’s seen first hand how CatDV can transform production schedules”.

Clack plans on placing more focus around the roadmap and direction of the business so that Founder and CTO, Howarth can focus primarily on product development: “In the last 12 years CatDV has grown based on customer feedback and real-world workflows. We look forward to hearing how we can further develop the product to meet the needs of today’s media professionals.”

Clack has aggressive plans to build more direct relationships with resellers and partners: “CatDV is well positioned to be a player for the long term,” Clack said. “What really intrigues me is the conversation; it’s not just about shipping product but about solving customer’s media problems. Our partners and resellers worldwide are a huge pool of knowledge and talent. I’m constantly hearing about new and inventive ways they’ve deployed CatDV, saving our customers time and money and helping teams work better.”

Additionally, under Clack’s leadership, Square Box Systems has revitalized its marketing efforts sharing user stories, revamping its collateral, website and developing a targeted global marketing and public relations campaign.

“I started as an enthusiast,” stated Clack. “playing with computers when home computers were first introduced to the market. So I’m a geek at heart. And I appreciate the dynamism of this team and their passion for developing applications that are so transformative, not just to businesses but to the future of the entire production process.”


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