5 New Flanders Scientific Monitors & Many Powerful New Features to be Showcased at NAB


Last Updated: April 6, 2013 9:45 pm GMT
(Las Vegas NAB Show, Nevada--April 6, 2013) You've been asking and Flanders Scientific has been listening and is particularly excited to announce a new 32" reference monitor. This unit features a true 10 bit panel, exceptional contrast ratio, and the full complement of powerful features found across the entire FSI monitor lineup. In addition to being an exceptional monitor for all of your 2D monitoring needs the CM320TD is also a 3D capable display featuring in-monitor multiplexing. The CM320TD also comes equipped with updated hardware capabilities previously not found on FSI monitors. This includes a second generation Color Fidelity Engine (CFE2) allowing for simultaneous application of Calibration and Look LUTs and the ability to monitor two live inputs at the same time, including mixed input type and formats.

Only $5,495. Ships in June. Now available for preorder at http://www.ShopFSI.com


Like the CM320TD the new 24" CM240 comes equipped with FSI’s 2nd generation Color Fidelity Engine and the addition of Dual-Link SDI Inputs to complement the 3G/HD/SD-SDI, Component, Composite, and DVI-I inputs that were already standard on Flanders Scientific monitors. Side-by-Side Monitoring of any two inputs and formats is also standard on the new CM240.

Only $4,995. Ships in June. Now available for preorder at http://www.ShopFSI.com


The 17.3", native HD (1920x1080) resolution CM171 features the same new capabilities found on the CM240 and is an incredibly lightweight (just 9lbs.) and power efficient (24 Watts) reference monitor well suited to a wide variety of applications. Like the CM320TD & CM240 the CM171 is equipped with a 10 bit panel capable of reproducing over 1.073 billion colors on screen. The new CFE2 system allows users to import look LUTs without having to profile the panel with a probe and use those simultaneously with any of the standard calibration LUTs found on the monitor, including Rec 709, EBU, SMPTE-C, DCI-P3, and custom user created calibration LUTs.

Only $3,295. Ships in June. Now available for preorder at http://www.ShopFSI.com

BM210 & BM230

Last, but certainly not least, FSI will be showcasing new units that incorporate the advanced features and color management capabilities of the CM series reference monitors into two truly affordable broadcast monitors, the 21.5" BM210 & 23" BM230. These units feature the same 12 bit signal processing engine, CFE2 color management system, and side-by-side monitoring capabilities of the new CM series monitors described above, but are built around native 8 bit panels instead of the more expensive 10 bit panels found on the CM series. For many applications the 10 bit color depth of the CM series units is simply not needed and the new BM210 & BM230 allow you to purchase significantly more affordable monitors for these applications without sacrificing the other advanced features found on the top of the line units. Both the BM210 & BM230 start shipping in June.


Only $2,495. Preorder Now at http://www.ShopFSI.com


Only $2,995. Preorder Now at http://www.ShopFSI.com

An Early Look at Upcoming Features

SLog2 Monitoring Modes, New Remote Control Capabilities, & Custom Curve Editor

At NAB this year Flanders Scientific will be showcasing many soon to be released new features for all FSI monitors.

· SLog2 Monitoring Modes will be added to the already available SLog, CLog, & BMD-Log monitoring options.
· Remote control update allowing for more direct access to specific functions from a computer or tablet based remote interface. As part of this update FSI will be showcasing a tablet based application that allows for direct selection of specific scope modes and other advanced functions via a wireless bluetooth adapter.
· Custom Curve Editor software that allows for the creation, manipulation, and import of basic custom 1D curves. These can be used to create simple custom Log monitoring modes for a wide variety of sources.
· FSI will also be showcasing the recently added 3D LUT import capabilities allowing for custom LUT import from compatible 3rd party color management software, like LightIllusion's advanced LightSpace CMS, to any FSI monitor with a CFE or CFE2 board. Yes, this includes even the very cost effective BM210 & BM230!
About Flanders Scientific, Inc.

Flanders Scientific is a U.S. based company with headquarters in Suwanee, GA, just 30 minutes outside of Atlanta as well as a European service center in Belgium. FSI was started in 2005 by industry professionals with a long history of experience in the professional broadcast monitor and test/measurement equipment markets. FSI's primary focus is our line of high-quality, yet still affordable, professional broadcast monitors, but we also sell a wide range of related products and accessories in over 140 countries worldwide. You can purchase from us directly at http://www.ShopFSI.com or learn more about our products at http://www.FlandersScientific.com. If you have any questions about our product line please feel free to E-Mail us at Sales@FlandersScientific.com or call us at +1.678.835.4934.


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