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Last Updated: April 8, 2013 5:47 am GMT
(Wellington, New Zealand--April 8, 2013) Today sees the release of Rubber Monkey Software's latest update to its' FilmConvert digital film emulation tools. Extending the ability of filmmakers to deliver accurate, quick film looks for their projects, this release includes a significant new set of camera profiles. With specific support for the GoPro Hero3, and the Black Magic Cinema Camera, the new profiles also include additional custom picture styles for the Canon DSLR range of cameras.

"We're hugely excited to be able to give filmmakers support for cameras like the Black Magic Cinema Camera. FilmConvert complements these remarkable technologies, giving filmmakers more choice and flexibility to explore their creative vision." said Lance Lones, head of research and development at Rubber Monkey Software, "The only curious problem that we experienced with the BMCC, was that everyone wanted to use it, so it was quite hard to keep in the lab for any length of time."

"We were also hugely impressed with the simplicity and capability of the GoPro Hero3," Lones continued, "even though that very same simplicity required us to invent an all new profiling methodology, as the camera would adjust itself underneath us."

The full new profiles and features list include:

· Black Magic Cinema Camera - full profile support, in both Film and Video modes.
· GoPro Hero3 - full profiles for Standard, ProTune, and ProTune raw modes.
· Canon 5D Mark II and Mark III full individual camera profiles, including the EOS standard, Technicolor Cinestyle, Flaat 11, Marvels Cine, Prolost, VisionColor and

VisionTech02 built in and custom picture styles.

· Canon 7D / 60D profiles, with all the custom picture styles seen with the Canon 5D
· New picture style support for the Canon 5D MKII, 5D MKIII and 7D/60D: VisionColor and VisionTech02.

In addition, the FilmConvert standalone tool has updated EDL handling, improved stability, better 5K rendering, and updated handling of mp4 media.

As always, for current license holders, the new profiles and current update are completely free of charge.

The FilmConvert technology is available as a standalone application, with plugin versions also available for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Final Cut X and Final Cut Pro 7. Individual items are priced at $199, with a full bundle of all the plugins and standalone available for $299.

Learn more about the FilmConvert technology at

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