Blackmagic Design Announces World’s First 6G-SDI Products Are Shipping!


HyperDeck Studio Pro, UltraStudio 4K and DeckLink 4K Extreme including 6G-SDI connections are shipping and support Ultra HD!

Last Updated: April 8, 2013 6:33 pm GMT
(Las Vegas NAB Show, Nevada--April 8, 2013) Blackmagic Design today announced that it has adopted 6G-SDI video for multiple products, including some that are already shipping. This 6G-SDI has been included when these products were originally shipped with software now being released to add the 6G-SDI Ultra HD formats to these products.

In addition, at NAB 2013, Blackmagic Design is introducing multiple new products that support 6G-SDI connections, including the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K, ATEM Production Studio 4K live production studio, Blackmagic Audio Monitor and ATEM Studio Converter 2. All of these products will support Ultra HD video resolutions, meaning that Blackmagic Design has a complete workflow for both live production and post production that supports Ultra HD today.

6G-SDI is ideal for Ultra HD interconnects in the television industry because it allows Ultra HD video to be sent down a single common BNC type cable, is low cost and switches between SD, HD and Ultra HD formats. This means that any Ultra HD equipped product that supports 6G-SDI is able to operate in regular SD and HD video formats using the same BNC connections. Then when the customer wants to do work in Ultra HD, they simply need to switch the product over and it will now operate in Ultra HD and the SDI connections will switch up to 6G-SDI speeds allowing Ultra HD input and output.

6G-SDI is the only solution to allow Ultra HD products to be integrated into current SDI based television systems. 6G-SDI is also the lowest cost way to offer robust broadcast grade Ultra HD interconnects allowing lower cost Ultra HD products to be built.

Ultra HD is fully compatible with HD-SDI and SD SDI equipment. 6G-SDI switches between 4 different television rates all on the same BNC connector. This means customers can purchase products with 6G-SDI running at 6 Gb/s speeds and then switch them to 270 Mb/s standard definition speeds, 1.5 Gb/s regular HD-SDI speeds or 3 Gb/s 3G-SDI speeds.

“When new video resolutions are introduced for the first time, initially customers are not really producing much content in that new format. However customers do like to have future proof hardware so we think 6G-SDI is the ideal solution because any 6G-SDI product can simply plug into regular SD and HD-SDI based systems,” said Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design. “This means customers can buy our amazing new Ultra HD products and just use them for SD or HD work, but then are ready the moment they need to do an Ultra HD job and can switch over and use Ultra HD immediately without anything extra to purchase! With a full live production switcher supporting Ultra HD and under $2K, we think even people starting out in the television industry will be running Ultra HD live production and that is very exciting!”

Availability and Price
HyperDeck Studio Pro, UltraStudio 4K, DeckLink 4K Extreme and ATEM Production Studio 4K with 6G-SDI connections are shipping now from Blackmagic Design resellers worldwide. Blackmagic Audio Monitor and ATEM Studio Converter with 6G-SDI will be shipping in May.

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