Blackmagic Design Announces SmartScope Duo


Dual 8 inch LCD rack monitoring with built in broadcast accurate scopes including waveform, vector, parade, histogram, 16 channel audio level and phase displays!

Last Updated: April 8, 2013 5:38 pm GMT
(Las Vegas NAB Show, Nevada--April 8, 2013) Blackmagic Design today announced SmartScope Duo, a unique dual rack monitor with built in broadcast accurate waveform monitoring on large 8 inch LCD screens, allowing customers to have any combination of video and waveform monitoring, all in the single unit. SmartScope Duo is available now for only US$995.
SmartScope Duo will be demonstrated on the Blackmagic Design NAB 2013 booth at #SL218.

SmartScope Duo features two large 8 inch LCD screens in a compact rack mount design that is less than an inch thick. SmartScope Duo includes powerful image processing allowing each of the two screens to be independently selected between video monitoring and waveform monitoring. There are 7 types of waveform display that can be selected by the user, including waveform, vectorscope, RGB parade, YUV parade, histogram and an audio scope with 16 channels of SDI audio and audio phase meter.

SmartScope Duo looks identical to Blackmagic Design’s popular SmartView Duo dual video monitoring product, but includes the broadcast accurate waveform monitoring feature, so for the first time, customers can have waveform monitoring within video monitoring installations that fits perfectly into the design of the facility.

SmartScope Duo is also a good solution for general video monitoring as it handles all SD, HD and 3G-SDI video standards, and all screens can be remotely adjusted via the customers Ethernet network. SmartScope Duo can be installed into equipment racks for local monitoring in post production, or for multi monitor video walls in master control rooms or for camera monitoring for production switchers!

One of the main difficulties when installing multiple monitors is attempting to match color settings on all monitors. SmartScope Duo eliminates this problem by connecting to an Ethernet network using the included Mac and Windows software to adjust all your monitors from one central location. This utility also lets customers choose between monitoring video or the various types of scope views.

SmartScope Duo includes full tally features so it is perfect for live broadcasters. Unlike a simple tally light, SmartScope Duo includes tally borders that can be independently displayed in red, green or blue. Each screen features an independent tally in the three colors so customers can signal to the user more information than a simple on air status. Tally is connected via a standard parallel pin connector on the rear of SmartScope Duo and provides full contact closure compatibility with all switcher and automation systems.

"In the past high quality broadcast accurate waveform monitoring has always been extremely high cost and physically large and cumbersome, so its been very difficult for customers to install waveform monitoring everywhere they need it, and even harder to install it in mobile situations such as fly away kits," said Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design. "We think SmartScope Duo is the perfect solution, as it builds broadcast accurate scopes into the monitor itself, so customers can simply choose between monitoring video, or one of the 7 scope types built into the product! It could not be easier to use!"

SmartScope Duo Key Features
  • 2 independent 8 inch LCD displays in a 3 rack unit size chassis, less than 1 inch thick.
  • SD/HD-SDI/3G-SDI input for each monitor, with re clocked loop outputs.
  • Ethernet input with loop output for connecting to computers for central adjustments.
  • Tally input for each monitor allowing red, green or blue tally indication.
  • Control software panel included free for Windows and Mac OS X.
  • Full 10 bit data path and image scaling for high quality displays.
  • Idea for use in broadcast, post production and camera monitoring for switchers.

Availability and Price
SmartScope Duo is available now for US$995 from Blackmagic Design resellers worldwide.

About Blackmagic Design
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