IKEGAMI To Show HD Unicam Line, HDK-77EC2, HLM-905WR Monitor, And More At 2013 NAB SHOW


Multi-Format HDK-97A and HDK-97C, Affordable HDK-55 Highlight Unicam Line; HDK-77EC2 Multi-Format CMOS Camera Also Featured

Last Updated: April 8, 2013 10:58 pm GMT
(NAB 2013--April 8, 2013) Booth #C5108, Ikegami (http://www.ikegami.com), a leader in HD cameras and production equipment for TV broadcasters, networks, and other HD content creators, will have an advanced range of systems on exhibit at the 2013 NAB Show. This year’s NAB exhibition halls will be open April 8-11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The company will be demonstrating a number of products that provide exceptional HD picture quality, superior performance, and convenient features. Some of the featured systems on display will include the following, with additional Ikegami technology on exhibit to be announced closer to the show:

Ikegami and ARRI, the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of professional motion picture camera, digital intermediate (DI) and lighting equipment, have jointly announced the availability of a pioneering new camera system: the HDK-97ARRI.

A powerful marriage of technology between two recognized industry leaders, the HDK-97ARRI is a broadcast-style production camera with digital cinema characteristics. In a significant development, the HDK-97ARRI makes it possible to employ a large format sensor in multiple camera operation. The result is a “best of both worlds” image acquisition system ideal for use in multi-camera studio and field applications, including conventional broadcast camera operation and classic video operator control of multiple cameras.

Broadcasters and content producers will benefit from the unprecedented combination of features in the HDK-97 ARRI, jointly developed by the highly experienced engineering teams of Ikegami and ARRI. Centered around ARRI’s Super 35mm CMOS sensor with its associated support circuitry, the system provides such cinematic qualities as natural color rendering, exceptional dynamic range, and progressive framerates like 23.98p. Meanwhile, broadcast-grade distribution is enabled with the latest in Ikegami technology, via fiber transmission using up to 2 km SMPTE hybrid fiber/copper camera cable.

Ikegami’s Unicam HD camera line includes multi-format HD cameras which also provide 3G-SDI 1080/59.94p performance. The HDK-97A 16-bit portable HD companion-camera supports not only 1080i/720p, but also 3G signals such as 1080/59.94p 4:2:2 and 1080/59.94i 4:4:4. The HDK-97A employs advanced new progressive AIT CCD imagers and an all-new 3G digital video processing system for superior picture detail and accurate rendition of color gradations. The new high bit-depth HDK-97A is designed for traditional-style multi-camera production applications.

The Ikegami HDK-97C employs 2.5 mega-pixel 2/3-inch CMOS image sensors, which achieve superior quality HDTV video with horizontal resolution of 1000TVL, SNR of 60dB or more, and sensitivity of F11. The camera supports a number of native HDTV formats including 1080i/59.94, 1080i/50, 720p/59.94, 720p/50, 1080p/29.97, 1080p/23.98 and 1080p/25 (some formats are option). The HDK-97C also supports 3G formats: 1080p/59.94 4:2:2, 1080p/50 4:2:2, 1080i/59.94 4:4:4, and 1080i/50 4:4:4.

Docking-style cameras, the new HDK-97A and HDK-97C feature a 3G fiber-transmission system from the camera head to its CCU. Transmission options include an HD-SDI QTV signal for teleprompter (or vanity/program monitor) use. Also two SDTV QTV signals are transmitted to the camera head for prompter and external monitor use. When the camera is operating in a conventional 1.5G format, a second 1.5G video from an external source can be transmitted to the CCU as a video trunk channel, which is particularly useful for POV applications because it reduces the number of cables which need to be run.

With the docking style camera body, either an FA (Fiber Adaptor) or TA (Triax Adaptor) can be mounted on the Ikegami HDK-97A or HDK-97C. The CCU-970M can be fitted with built-in fiber and triax transmission and simple front panel toggle switch to select the transmission system depending on the cable type to be used for each application.

Low profile and low weight improve the maneuverability for shoulder use. And a new System Expander (large lens sled) eliminates cable connection between camera and sled, and increases the ease of mounting and removing the camera from the sled.

Additional features include 2x Slo-Motion (1080i/720p 119.88 / 100Hz) -- switchable for live and slo-motion picture within one camera, the Ikegami HDK-97C makes it possible to get slo-motion pictures without changing the camera position via this option.

The Ikegami HDK-55 is the most affordable member of the Unicam HD camera series, and uses 1080i 2.3 mega-pixel AIT CCDs. New features include Quick EZ Focus and chromatic aberration correction. Like the other portable cameras in the Unicam HD series, the HDK-55 is a compact low-profile camera head with docking adaptors for fiber or triax cable use. New compact light weight fiber and triax base stations, the BSF-55 and BST-55, are introduced, providing overall economy to the HDK-55 and other camera models.

The HDK-95C HD portable digital camera is a highly flexible new addition to Ikegami’s Unicam HD line. Equipped with Native multi-format 2.5 million pixel, 2/3 inch CMOS sensors, the HDK-95C has an upgrade path to 24p and 3G formats, including 1080/60p and 4:4:4 24p. Providing end-to-end digital processing, it features a low-profile docking camera head for fiber, triax, or wireless applications.

Ikegami’s HDK-77EC2 HD Native Multi-format CMOS camera system is an economical docking-style portable multi-format HD camera with CMOS imaging sensors for 1080i/720p HD format flexibility, lower power consumption, and reduced operating temperature. A new CMOS sensor in the HDK-77EC2 provides even better sensitivity and overall picture quality. In addition, the HDK-77EC2 can quickly switch between fiber or triax cable use, adding to its flexibility. Fine DTL function, a six-vector color corrector plus two-axis custom color, and Super Knee all contribute to outstanding performance in the studio or out in the field.

In addition, Ikegami will have an advanced range of HD Flat-Panel LCD Monitors at the 2013 NAB Show.

The newest member of the product line is the HLM-905WR 9-inch LCD monitor. This high-resolution compact monitor provides multi-format HD/SD SDI inputs, including two-channel 3G, and a one-channel analog composite input. It offers WFM and Vector displays, audio level monitoring, plus a USB connector for mouse control and file storage.

The company’s offerings also include the "50 Series" high class displays and "04 Series" of economical displays, which were joined in 2012 by the HLM-7002WR dual 7-inch and HLM-5003WR triple 5-inch monitors.

The "50 Series" multi format HD monitors provide wide critical viewing angles, built-in vector and waveform monitoring, and full 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. Ikegami’s "50" Series monitors include the HLM-3250W (32-inch), HLM-2450WB (24-inch), and HLM-1750WR (17-inch) models, all of which feature accurate color and gamma reproduction, embedded audio-level metering, time code reader display, and optional 3G-SDI inputs.

Other Ikegami space-saving and affordable HD flat-panel LCD monitors include the cost-effective HLM-1704WR multi-format 17-inch monitor, the HLM-7002WR dual 7-inch LED backlit multi-format rack mount monitor with 3G input, and the HLM-5003WR triple 5-inch LED backlit multi-format rack mount monitor with 3G input. Both the HLM-7002WR and HLM-5003WR provide title generator, embedded audio level indicators up to 16ch, waveform display, vector scope and more.

These Ikegami systems and more will be on display throughout NAB, at Booth #C5108, April 8-11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Ikegami Electronics (U.S.A.), Inc. is a leading supplier of professional broadcasting products in the Western Hemisphere. With US offices in New Jersey, California, Florida, Texas, and Illinois, the Ikegami name is recognized worldwide for its state-of-the-art television cameras and closed-circuit TV equipment. Ikegami’s universal HDTV cameras have been widely accepted by the broadcast industry as it continues the transition to the High Definition Television Format.

For more information and the location of the Regional Office nearest you, call Ikegami's headquarters at 201-368-9171 or visit http://www.ikegami.com.


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