Ikegami HDK-97ARRI Set For MTV Debut At 2013 Video Music Awards


Prolific Content Creator Purchases Eight New Systems, Combining ARRI Large Format Super 35MM CMOS Sensor with Ikegami Unicam HD Docking Style Camera

Last Updated: April 9, 2013 4:57 am GMT
(Las Vegas NAB Show, Nevada--April 9, 2013) When a channel is known worldwide for groundbreaking content, maintaining that edge is essential. At MTV, the pacesetting programming is paired with equally advanced technology, which will soon include eight of the pioneering new camera systems from Ikegami and ARRI: The HDK-97ARRI.

A powerful marriage of technology between two recognized industry leaders, the HDK-97ARRI is a broadcast-style production camera with digital cinema characteristics. In a significant development, the HDK-97ARRI makes it possible to employ a large format sensor in multiple camera operation.

The HDK-97ARRI will make its MTV premiere August 25th at the upcoming 2013 Video Music Awards (VMA's), the biggest night in music that stands as the network's marquis flagship event. "We're excited that there is now a broadcast solution that offers the ARRI imaging technology," says George Epley, Senior VP, Technical and Production Operation, MTV Music Group. "The advent of having an Ikegami camera, which we know very well, with ARRI's optics on the front end is an important development. This merger of technologies will allow us to achieve new visual heights in a live broadcast – it's something we've wanted to accomplish here at MTV for some time."

The result of the collaboration between ARRI and Ikegami is an image acquisition system ideal for use in multi-camera studio and field applications, including conventional broadcast camera operation and classic video operator control of multiple cameras. Centered around ARRI's Super 35mm CMOS sensor with its associated support circuitry, the system provides such cinematic qualities as natural color rendering, exceptional dynamic range, and progressive framerates like 23.98p. Meanwhile, broadcast-grade distribution is enabled with the latest in Ikegami technology, via fiber transmission using up to 2 km SMPTE hybrid fiber/copper camera cable.

Already outfitted with a deep inventory of Ikegami cameras, MTV was intrigued by the new production possibilities that the HDK-97ARRI represented. "The filmesque look that the ARRI front provides, working in conjunction with an Ikegami camera on the back end, is the best of both worlds," says Bill McFall, VP of Technical Operations, Remote TV, Viacom Music Group. "This is a unique pairing that fits in very well with where MTV is headed. The idea of having the picture detail, resolution, and depth of field of this system, being used for our music and entertainment offerings, blew us away."

"We've been using Ikegami cameras since the early 1990's," McFall continues. "Viacom's music brands have used them in every kind of situation you might imagine, for everything from country music to motor sports, to long-form entertainment and music shows to theatrical productions. We've always been impressed with their reliability and customer support."

The HDK-97ARRI offers a unique convergence of attributes, designed with the latest innovations from both companies. The ARRI large-format front end is famed for its film-like, organic look characterized by extended, clean highlights, an extremely low noise floor, natural skin tones, excellent color separation, and a cinematic depth-of-field. Employing large pixels and a custom–designed read-out architecture, this critically acclaimed 35 mm CMOS sensor demonstrates exceptional dynamic range. In addition, ARRI's stainless steel lens mount system ensures super stable flange focal depth between lens and sensor.

An MTV tradition since 1984, the VMA's have been host to unforgettable performances by Rihanna, Calvin Harris, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Jay-Z, Green Day, Madonna, and many more top artists. With the addition of the Ikegami HK-97ARRI for this year's production, Epley believes that MTV can make an even bigger statement. "The VMA's are always an opportunity to put our best forward," he says. "Everyone – from the production, to the artists, to the (vendors),to the makeup artists – puts their best foot forward."

"It's one of the many showcase productions that we do," Epley adds. "The VMA's are aired live around the world, and it's the perfect chance to show our global audience something new with the look of the HDK-97ARRI. I expect we'll just scratch the surface of what we can do with these cameras at the VMA's - there will be many exciting opportunities to expand on their capabilities that we haven't even thought of yet."

With its ability to open up new creative possibilities, for live productions and in the studio, the HDK-97ARRI is a way for early adopters like MTV to exceed the expectations of their viewing audience. "If you're looking at a really great-looking picture, that's entertaining," Bill McFall concludes. "The goal here is always, 'How do we put the best-looking imagery on the air today?' The Ikegami HDK-97ARRI is a way for us to accomplish that."

About Ikegami:
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