Blackmagic Design Announces ATEM Studio Converter 2


Quad optical fiber converter for connecting to cameras in live production now includes upgraded talkback features, front panel controls, new design and 6G-SDI support.

Last Updated: April 8, 2013 11:56 pm GMT
(Las Vegas NAB Show, Nevada--April 8, 2013) Blackmagic Design today announced ATEM Studio Converter 2, a new model of its popular ATEM Studio Converter product with enhanced talkback features, upgraded design and the addition of 6G-SDI support allowing support for Ultra HD video when 6G optical fiber modules become available. ATEM Studio Converter will retail for the same price as the old model, at only US$1,995.

ATEM Studio Converter 2 will be demonstrated on the Blackmagic Design NAB 2013 booth at #SL218.

ATEM Studio Converter is perfect for live production because it includes 4 optical fiber converters in a one rack unit size chassis, combined with built in talkback features. ATEM Studio Converter is designed to operate with ATEM Camera Converters and allows the use of low cost optical fiber to connect cameras long distances away from the live production switcher. ATEM Studio Converter supports both embedded SDI tally and also includes talkback features using the spare channels 15 and 16 in the SDI connections to the camera.

This upgraded model includes a dramatically upgraded industrial design with an elegant machined metal front panel that includes controls and connections to manage talkback, as well as built in power supply, eliminating the external power "brick" used on the older model. This new model includes common connectors such as balanced analog XLR and BNC connections, so features connections more commonly used in live production systems. There's also a 12V DC input for redundant power supply operation.

With many new features for camera talkback, ATEM Studio Converter 2 allows easy management when multiple cameras are used in a live production. The front panel of the new model includes a built in speaker and XLR microphone input. This allows directors to monitor talkback from the front panel without using headphones, as required on the older model. The speaker on the front panel includes a mute button and volume control and the microphone input allows the use of flexible microphone "stalks" that lets the microphone be placed closer to the director without taking up desk space.

The ATEM Studio Converter 2 front panel also includes press to talk buttons and lock to talk buttons. These buttons allow the talkback to be disabled so the camera cannot hear the director and then talkback can be selectively enabled when the director needs to talk to a camera operator.

The ATEM Studio Converter 2 also includes the use of general aviation style headsets for talkback. This eliminates the high cost of talkback headsets for television production, while at the same time allows a much more robust headset than computer type headsets. Aviation headsets for general aviation are extremely common and range from a few hundred dollars and up, depending on the features required. They support extremely good quality noise cancellation and are available from multiple manufacturers and stores worldwide. Aviation headsets are extremely robust with industrial strength connections that are virtually impossible to break, so are much better suited to the often hostile environments found in live television production.

This new model of ATEM Studio Converter also features 6G-SDI to allow Ultra HD support in the future. Currently there are no optical fiber models available for 6G-SDI support, however this new model has all the technology required for Ultra HD and will be able to be upgraded by the customer when optical fiber modules are available that support 6 Gb/s speeds and Ultra HD.

ATEM Studio Converter 2 includes 6G-SDI outputs converted from the optical fiber input, so the feed from the video camera can be connected to either SDI connections on production switchers such as the ATEM range.

ATEM Studio Converter also includes a balanced analog XLR stereo audio output for each optical module, de embedded from each optical fiber input, so the embedded audio from cameras can be sent direct to audio mixers for external live audio mixing.

When running program feeds to each camera, ATEM Studio Converter also includes a global SDI input that feeds the optical fiber outputs on each converter. This global SDI input allows a single program feed from a live production switcher to feed all cameras on the live production and also allows talkback audio to be connected down to the cameras. This input is loop through so it allows program audio to be looped to more than a single ATEM Studio Converter.

"I am really excited about this product, because we built the ATEM Studio Converter to have all the conversion, talkback and tally you need for your cameras! This means it's easy to manage getting cameras close to the action up to 25 miles away from the production switcher! Now the new ATEM Studio Converter 2 model is even nicer to use and allows much simpler management of lots of cameras and talkback on a busy production," said Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design. "Not only does this new model include a dramatically nicer design, but it is also packed with the latest video technology ready for the future as well! Its fantastic!"

ATEM Studio Converter Key Features

  • 4 built in optical fiber SDI converters, one for each camera feed up to 25 miles away.
  • Optical fiber converters to 3G-SDI and de embedded balanced analog XLR stereo audio out.
  • Global SDI input for sending program feed to all optical outputs.
  • Microphone and headphone connections for commonly available general aviation style headsets.
  • Built in talkback includes AES/EBU loops on rear for expanding to extra ATEM Studio Converters.
  • Elegant machined metal compact 1 rack unit design allows portable use.
  • Includes front panel talkback mic, speaker, headset connections and talkback buttons.
  • Fully compatible with ATEM Camera Converters or other types of SDI optical fiber converters.
  • Supports 6G-SDI so allows updating to Ultra HD when by swapping the SFP style optical modules.

Availability and Price

ATEM Studio Converter 2 will be available April for US$1,995 from Blackmagic Design resellers worldwide.

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