Marquise Technologies at NAB 2013: a mastered workflow, from dailies to delivery


At NAB 2013 Marquise Technologies will showcase MIST Mobile, MIST DCI Mastering, MIST IMF Mastering and RAIN 4K.

Last Updated: April 9, 2013 3:50 pm GMT
(Geneva, Switzerland--April 9, 2013) Marquise Technologies has announced today the products to be showcased at NAB. Offering a complete and understandable workflow from dailies, with MIST Mobile, to high-end real-time color grading with RAIN, to the mastering for digital cinema with MIST DCI Mastering, or for content owners with MIST IMF Mastering, Marquise Technologies is definitely turned towards the future with the only solution supporting ACES end-to-end.

MIST Mobile's Live Module

This ultimate nomad device, especially designed for dailies on-set services, is now boosted by the Live Module. The Live Module allows for one part the real-time capture of the SDI signal, should it be the video reference outputted by the camera, or the RAW data themselves through SDI.

Able to work live from the SDI signal, or on the real-time de-Bayered RAW, the color grading features have been supplemented by six vectors of Secondary correction for keying. The ACES pipeline is also fully supported in live.

At the other end of the workflow, the challenge today comes from the multiplicity of 4K projects. In order to properly create a DCP or an IMF package, it's not only a question of encoding, but mastering. Marquise Technologies dedicates two turn-key systems, built around a hardware accelerated JPEG2000 encoding, for high-end mastering at 4K in real-time.

MIST DCI Mastering

MIST DCI Mastering is the unique solution using a Color Space Chromatic Adaptation, allowing the most precise DCI XYZ transformation available on the market today.

DCP from ACES is also an exclusivity available with MIST.

The complexity of subtitles management is now solved by the Subtitle Editor, able to edit, import and export SMPTE Subtitles in XML and MXF.
The full support for HFR and AFR (Archival Frame Rate) has also been added, as well as a stereo downmix for 5.1 and 7.1 audio to ease the monitoring.

MIST IMF Mastering

The only solution able to package an IMF from an ACES project, or to visually create multiple OPLs using the node-based FlowGraph now has support for MXF-AS02 and MXF-AS11.

These new standards for HD files are of high importance for broadcasters, allowing them a full compliance for an efficient distribution to the audience. This standardization also permits archiving and easy retrieve of media for onward re-use or sale.

New formats supported

MIST is also supporting new formats: Sony F65/F55 RAW, Sony SRMaster and Canon RMF are among them.


The groundbreaking color grading solution RAIN also benefits from all the new formats, the enhanced 4K process and the GPU-Direct.

Marquise Technologies is working on unique features for RAIN that will be available later this year, and invite the most curious attendees to see the first results on their stand.

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