QOS Server Announces Ultra-Quiet Performance Raids


QOS 32-Bay, 16-Bay and 8-Bay Drives are the first to provide '6K ready' storage quiet enough for production sets and fast enough for any post facility.

Last Updated: April 9, 2013 8:19 pm GMT
(Las Vegas NAB Show, Nevada--April 9, 2013) Booth #SL15714, Canadian-based company QOS Server is proud to introduce its new 32-Bay, 16-Bay and 8-Bay RAID drives, purpose-built for use on production sets and in post-production facilities. Currently on display at Booth #SL15714 at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, QOS drives are the first options on the market to provide storage quiet enough for sets and fast enough for intensive post-production workflows. It's proprietary airflow and heatsink design allows flawless operation in a wide range of environments without overheating or loosing performance. The portable line of QOS servers offer superlative performance for both 2D and 3D projects from HD to 6K resolutions.

Compatible with Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, the QOS 8-Bay provides a simple and adaptable method of storing large files in remote environments that are inaccessible to large rackmount drive arrays. A compact table-top RAID system for data integration and streamlined multi-user media management, its secure and mutable file system improves organization and data flow.

The larger drive array systems, the QOS 32-Bay and 16-Bay provide high bandwidth, project an asset sharing up to 8 workstations. With a clean, elegant design, the 32-Bay offers 3200 MB/s sustained throughput while the 16 Bay serves out a fast 1600 MB/s sustained. Each model is internally shock mounted, preventing drive interruption or failure, giving users trustworthy access to high-end storage either in the studio or out on the road.

"What really sets these apart," says Craig Harris, QOS Server's Manager of Sales and Marketing, "is that they're an incredibly high performance drive that are whisper quiet, there's nothing else like it on the market. Our servers can easily play back 4K DPX 60fps files in real time on set or in a finishing facility. We are 6K ready and committed to providing the best tools at affordable prices to people and facilities in the media industry." Harris added, "They're also unique because they use high-bandwidth 8Gb fibre channel, a machine-dependent standard that not a lot of devices on the market can support. But basically there’s never been a technology like this that can deliver this kind of performance, all wrapped in a quiet little box."

For settings that require secure, fast, collaborative and cost-effective workflow, the new QOS Servers are an unmatched solution.

Our team is made up of film professionals, technologists, craftspeople and creative thinkers with proven experience in the North American production industry. Our goal is to provide reliable, ultra-quiet solutions that allow production and post-production professionals to have access to the best tools at affordable prices. We develop, design and assemble all our products in Vancouver, Canada.

For more about QOS Server and full product specifications, see qosserver.com. Also follow us on Twitter @qosserver


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