Manzanita Brings MPEG Software Solutions to Digital Rapids’ Kayak Workflow Platform


Last Updated: April 10, 2013 4:53 pm GMT
(Poway, California--April 10, 2013) Manzanita Systems, Inc. is bringing key elements from their family of MPEG software solutions to Digital Rapids’ Kayak® dynamic workflow platform.
Manzanita has partnered with Digital Rapids, bringing Manzanita’s products and expertise to the Kayak platform’s library of technology components. Kayak components form the building blocks of workflows for Kayak-based solutions such as the Digital Rapids Transcode Manager 2.0 automated media transformation software. The growing component library offers a wide range of options for users, providing extreme workflow flexibility to meet the ever-changing demands in media operations.

“We’re excited to be extending our partnership with Manzanita with their involvement in the Kayak ecosystem,” said Onkar Parmar, Senior Partnership Manager for Kayak at Digital Rapids. “Manzanita’s multiplexing technology has been a key feature of our existing media transformation solutions for many years, and we’re thrilled that Manzanita is now bringing their proven benefits to the Kayak platform. The combination of Manzanita technology and the Kayak platform will provide customers with robust, efficient and flexible workflows for their MPEG processing needs.”

Manzanita’s current offerings for the Kayak workflow platform include:

  • HLS Multiplexer – Integrating Manzanita’s proven core adaptive transport stream technology, Manzanita's HLS Multiplexer component is ideal for building production workflows for HLS-compliant adaptive streaming content.
  • MPEG-TS Multiplexer – Manzanita’s MPEG-TS Multiplexer offers a rich feature set with fine control over parameters for transport stream creation to reliably produce quality output for a variety of MPEG and video-on-demand (VOD) applications.
  • Program Stream Multiplexer – Recognized as an easy-to-use solution, Manzanita’s Program Stream Multiplexer uses proven technology for multiplexing a wide variety of audio and video elementary streams for rapid creation of MPEG-1 system streams and MPEG-2 program streams.

  • In addition to these initial Kayak components, Manzanita is also working to bring its CrossCheck™ automated transport stream analyzer to the Kayak platform.

    About Manzanita Systems, Inc.
    Manzanita Systems is a leading provider of essential MPEG software solutions for digital television, VOD, and digital ad insertion. Renowned for adherence to standards, Manzanita’s transport stream analyzer and multiplexer are indispensable tools that enable service providers, broadcasters, post-production houses, and manufacturers of digital video technologies to produce better MPEG content, workflows, and solutions. The Manzanita products are available as standalone applications and SDKs for offline and real-time applications. Learn more about Manzanita’s proven solutions at

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