PixelTools announces Ultra HD MPEG-2 Encoder for Digital Rapids Transcode Manager® 2.0 and Kayak®


Last Updated: April 10, 2013 4:59 pm GMT
(Las Vegas, Nevada--April 10, 2013) PixelTools today announced their Ultra HD MPEG-2 Encoder plug-in for the Digital Rapids Transcode Manager 2.0 automated media transformation software and its underlying Kayak workflow platform. The imminently available plug-in accomplishes encoding of 16K frame sizes, CEA-708/608 captioning, Active Format Description, Open Captioning, and Telecine. Configuration presets for popular broadcasting platforms such as Cable Labs and Netflix assure compliant video.

“Compressionists requiring the quality and features of our stand alone encoders can now optimize their pipelines by combining the new PixelTools component with adjacent video processing in flexible and efficient Transcode Manager and Kayak workflows,” commented PixelTools CTO Mark Conover.

“The Kayak platform’s component-based architecture gives users unparalleled flexibility in choosing and combining their preferred technology implementations to meet their workflow requirements, and we’re delighted that PixelTools’ MPEG-2 encoding capabilities will be available to our customers,” said Onkar Parmar, Senior Partnership Manager for Kayak at Digital Rapids.

Essential tools for all broadcast content preparation

PixelTools is a software development company with two decades of experience delivering off the shelf and custom multimedia compression solutions. Its real-time software for Windows, Mac and UNIX platforms ease the task of creating high performance MPEG end products

“We are a group of dedicated image processing specialists. Our goal is to offer the highest quality video compression software for developers, animators, and broadcasters.”

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