Backyard’s Kim Nguyen Gives Rebel Wilson And Channing Tatum The Ride Of Their Lives For The MTV Movie Awards


Last Updated: April 15, 2013 7:57 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--April 15, 2013) Backyard director Kim Nguyen mixes business with pleasure in an action-packed mission for the 2013 MTV Movie Awards. The :52 promo “Bra” stars Channing Tatum "21 Jump Street, Magic Mike" and awards show host Rebel Wilson "Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect", and features the duo engaged in a hilarious full-throttle chase intercut with footage from Channing’s recent action film White House Down.

With bullets ricocheting off the Presidential SUV that Rebel is driving, she swerves left and right in an attempt to escape from an unseen enemy. In a moment like this, who would have thought she’d have time to cop a feel? Well, having People’s Sexiest Man Alive by her side while she fears for her life seems to be just the permission that Rebel needs.

The MTV Movie Awards aired on Sunday, April 14th. Click HERE to see the spot.

No stranger to working with celebrity talent, Nguyen used improv and theatrical comedy blocking to bring out the best performances from the two actors. Nguyen notes, “Channing and Rebel had never worked together before, so we had them climb all over each other pretty early on in the shoot day. Once actors are that close, the ice is shattered. Everyone relaxed. And in the end you can see how much fun they had.”

“Bra” opens with a tracking shot of two cars in hot pursuit. We hear Tatum begin, “C’mon, Rebel. Let’s go, get us out of here!” We cut inside the car with Wilson behind the wheel requesting, “Ok, Channing, I need you to get my gun.” Tatum momentarily doubts her request to fish through her bra for the weapon, but dives in, rummaging in her shirt in panicked search. Growing frustrated Tatum can’t seem to find the gun, when Rebel finally admits, “Okay, all right, maybe it’s in the glove box”. Giggling, she confesses, “It was in the glove box the whole time.” After successfully locating the gun, Wilson insists Tatum search for the grenades, which she suspiciously concedes are located in her pants. After an accusatory glare, he dives in for the search as Wilson revels in the compromising and awkward position. He is eventually successful, coming up for air with a grenade in his mouth. The spot closes with a voiceover and accompanying super, “The MTV Movie Awards. Starring Rebel Wilson. Live, Sunday April 14th at 9:00PM.”

Nguyen was excited for the opportunity to collaborate with the creative team at MTV, having been a writer/director in the MTV Promo department for four years before joining Backyard.

“Bra” is part of a 3-spot campaign. See the other two HERE.

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Client: MTV
Titles: “Bra” :52/:30, “Rocket Launcher” :30, “Smoke” :30
EVP, Marketing: Tina Exharos
SVP, On Air Promos: Amy Campbell
SVP, On Air Design: Lu Chekowsky
Executive Producer: Kris Walter
Head of Production : Tina Exharos
Writers: Noah Levinson/Rebel Wilson
Title: Bra :52
Production Company: Backyard Productions
Director: Kim Nguyen
DP: Chuck Ozeas
Executive Producer: Kris Mathur
Line Producer: Janie Brown
Editorial: Cosmo Street
Editor: Tiffany Burchard
Colorist: Mark Szumski, Click 3X
VFX: Click 3X
VFX Artist: Mark Szumski
VFX Producer: Rob Meyers
Audio Mix Company: Great City Productions
Audio Mixer: Jay Cuillton


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