XenData LTO Archive System Selected for New Facility at GlobeCast in Singapore


XenData teams up with Ideal Systems to deliver a reliable, cost effective digital video archive solution for the new broadcast facility at GlobeCast in Singapore's thriving media hub Mediapolis

Last Updated: April 16, 2013 5:47 pm GMT
(Walnut Creek, California--April 16, 2013) XenData, a leading provider of LTO archive solutions, today announced that it has supplied an SX-522 digital video archive server to Ideal Systems, the leading broadcast media systems integration company in Asia, for GlobeCast’s new broadcast facility in Mediapolis, Singapore, a thriving hub of Singapore's media ecosystem.

The XenData SX-522 archive server will be managing a robotic LTO tape library, creating a scalable digital video archive. This is integrated with the core technology of the new facility: a suite of products from Evertz Technologies that includes the all-new Mediator 4, a centralized media asset management system and broadcast automation system managing all the media workflows and tasks.

Providing a network attached storage (NAS) architecture, the XenData SX-522 presents the digital video archive as a network share, enabling archive files to be accessed over networks and seamlessly integrated into other standards-based applications and workflows. Offering broad compatibility, XenData archive server solutions can be used simultaneously by multiple standard applications and work seamlessly with most media asset management (MAM) and automation systems. The standard NAS architecture eliminates the need for extensive customization and minimizes the technical resources for integration.

“We partnered with XenData for the rollout of the new broadcast facility at GlobeCast because it offers one of the most cost effective, robust digital video archives on the market and a great migration alternative to some of the more expensive digital video archive vendor offerings,” said Fintan Mc Kiernan, CEO of Ideal Systems Singapore. “With XenData, we are now able to deliver a much more cost effective digital video archive solution, which in turn has allowed us to offer our customers, such as GlobeCast, greater choice and price flexibility.”

“We are delighted to have been selected for the new broadcast facility at GlobeCast,” said Dr. Phil Storey, XenData co-founder and CEO. “Ideal Systems, our local partner, provides the highest international standards of product planning and system delivery which is exactly what is required to implement a major state-of-the-art project such as this.”

About Ideal Systems Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Ideal Systems Singapore Pte. Ltd. is the South East Asia hub for Ideal Systems Group, the leading Broadcast Media Systems Integration Company in Asia. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Ideal Group operates offices in Thailand, Taiwan, India, China and Singapore. Ideal employs over 150 full-time staff throughout Asia, delivering broadcast solutions to all sectors of the media industry. To date Ideal Systems has built TV Broadcast Facilities that include many DTH Satellite Platforms and Studios. Ideal offers a wide range of services covering all aspects of media projects like Solutions Architecting, Design Engineering, and Facilities Relocation. Ideal Systems has delivered successfully to over 60 Playout Centres for SD, HD, 3D, News Rooms and OTT Systems. Ideal Systems Singapore works with South East Asia’s leading operators and has delivered recent projects into ESPN STAR SPORTS, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Astro and GlobeCast.

About XenData
XenData is a leading provider of digital video archiving solutions tailored specifically to serve the media and entertainment industry – with typical customers being TV stations, global broadcasters, media service providers, video production and post-production organizations. XenData’s solutions range from cost-effective LTO workstation archives to multiple petabyte server systems. XenData archive servers have a network attached storage (NAS) architecture and are compatible with a broad range of third party media applications. They can be accessed via a standard file-folder structure or by using an XML API, providing the high-performance and functionality required to meet today and tomorrow’s demanding digital video ap plications. With over 500 digital video archive servers managing robotic LTO libraries installed in over 50 countries worldwide, XenData is trusted by some of the largest media companies. For more information visit: http://www.xendata.com.


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