Quantel launches SynthIA - now fixing S3D in post becomes fast and simple


Standalone software package of S3D manipulation tools sets new quality standard

Last Updated: April 16, 2013 6:56 pm GMT
(Las Vegas, Nevada--April 16, 2013) Quantel launched SynthIA, its new software package that provides professional high quality S3D Interaxial adjustment in Post, as part of a comprehensive range of S3D manipulation tools. SynthIA is equally at home as a standalone system or working alongside Quantel Pablo and Pablo Rio systems.

The sophisticated analysis and synthesis algorithms in SynthIA produce high quality results even with the most demanding shots. Quite simply SynthIA can be the difference between an unusable shot and a happy client!

SynthIA provides a complete suite of high quality Stereo3D manipulation tools that help users deliver compelling, high quality S3D results. SynthIA tools include: Multiple display modes; Analytical tools (Luma/Chroma maps, Vectorscope, Disparity maps and Z-view); Color match (balances left and right eye color differences); Geofix (removes left and right eye geometry differences); Interaxial adjustment (changes the apparent camera interaxial distance after the shoot) and Z-warp (allows the disparity to be adjusted differently at different depths in the scene).

"SynthIA has been in Beta-testing over recent weeks and has been immediately embraced by users," said Steve Owen, Quantel Marketing Director. "They love its intuitive interface and brilliant quality results, and also its ability to rescue scenes that otherwise would either have needed to be re-shot or just abandoned."

Officially launched at NAB 2013, SynthIA is available now.


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