Bodega’s Merhar Takes The Insanity Out Of The Home Garden For Preen


Last Updated: April 17, 2013 6:24 pm GMT
(New York, New York--April 17, 2013) New York/San Francisco-based content creation/production company Bodega director Dave Merhar exposes extreme measures for weed-free gardens in the comedic new :15 “How I Do It – I Use Preen Garden” for Preen out of Merkley + Partners, NY. The spot features ruthless de-weeding tactics including a man who torches his weeds with a flamethrower and a woman in absolute histrionics over pulling and spraying. The campaign also features the additional :15 “How I Do It – I Use Preen Mulch.”

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Notes Merhar, “You can’t help but love a creative team that wants flames bigger, isn’t afraid to laugh at emotional breakdowns and scoffs at those tedious 'No animals were hurt in the making of this commercial.' supers.”

“How I Do It – I Use Preen Garden” opens on the frantic woman rattling off, "Weeds? I spray and I pull and I pull and I spray!” Each subsequent home gardener has their own equally desperate and sometimes extreme method for keeping the weeds at bay, until we finally reach a woman who is calmly luxuriating in her garden. Instead of slaving over the dirt to make it presentable, she explains her secret: Preen. We close on the Preen logo and tag, “Stop weeds before they start.”

As with all of Merhar’s work, the spot features spot-on casting and exceptional performances. The director has a knack for uncovering hilarity in mundane, everyday life.

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Client: Preen
Title: “How I Do It – I Use Preen Garden” :15, “How I Do It – I Use Preen Mulch” :15
President, CEO, Chairperson: Katherine Bishop
Executive Director of Sales and Marketing: Bill Kelso
Senior Brand Manager: Maryanne Bayoumy
Agency: Merkley + Partners, New York
CEO: Alex Gellert
Exec. Creative Director/Partner: Andy Hirsch
Group Creative Head/Copywriter: Eddie Van Bloem
Group Creative Head/Art Director: Saks Afridi
Copywriter: Blake Solomon
Art Director: Chris Cino
Director Broadcast Production: Gary Grossman
Producer: Laurie Leokum
Business Manager: Pat Milo
Talent Manager: Nicole Russo
Group Account Director: Tom Lamb
Account Director: Dawn Williams
Assistant Account Executive: Aimee O’Rourke
Production Company: Bodega, NY/San Francisco
Director: Dave Merhar
Executive Producer/Partner: Clint Goldman
Head of Production: Miguel Enrique Rodriguez
Producer: Grayson Bithell
Editorial: Homestead Editorial, New York
Editor: Mark Nickelsburg
Assistant Editor: Bryan Saunders
Editorial Producer: Temeeka Ballance


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