CUDA Acceleration Supported in Metus INGEST!


Metus technology continues its commitment to extracting the last drop of performance out of your PC hardware, by adding CUDA support for GPU based H.264 encoding!

Last Updated: April 18, 2013 10:22 pm GMT
(Las Vegas, Nevada--April 18, 2013) With Geforce 690 GPU, 6 channels of 1080i H.264 video can be captured in real time. GPU accelerated encoding was initially supported by Metus INGEST in 2012 with Intel QuicSynch support, which is an on-board GPU technology available with some PC motherboards and Intel CPUs. While enabling low cost hardware to do multi channel HD capture, this technology requires that the motherboard and CPU needs to be compatible with it.

Now, GPU acceleration support expanded with CUDA support, which is a hardware acceleration engine provided by NVIDIA graphics cards. This enables users to plug a suitable VGA card to any Workstation or server and start accelerated capturing. Further, a wide variety of NVIDIA chips, and a large base of manufacturers developing VGA cards with these, provide a wide range for users with different budgets to select from.

Tests done with Gefore 690 GPU, 6 channels of 1080i H.264 video can be captured in real time. Is this enough? No. Further upgrades in performance are in the works. Stay tuned to our website for more news on this topic. CUDA is supported on Metus Ingest versions 3.4 and above.


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