Something’s Fishy: Filmworkers’ Fred Keller Grades New State Farm Campaign


Last Updated: April 25, 2013 11:50 pm GMT
(Chicago, Illinois--April 25, 2013) Filmworkers colorist Fred Keller applied the final color grade to a new spot for State Farm that makes a point about life insurance through a touching graveside scene that’s not quite what it seems.

Conceived by DDB Chicago, the spot shows a father and his young daughter who, together under an umbrella, discuss the passing of “Mr. Goldman.” To the girl’s suggestion that the dear departed surely was protected by a State Farm life insurance policy, the father says, “No.” After all, Mr. Goldman was a fish. A pull-back, reveals a tiny headstone in the family backyard.

Keller helped to set up the joke by casting the scene in muted hues. “We wanted to reflect the mood and emotion by not letting it get too colorful or bright,” Keller explains, “but at the same time, it had to look beautiful.”

Keller applied special treatments to the actors’ facial features as well as to the marker about Mr. Goldman’s grave. “We wanted to emphasize the joke by making that pop,” he says.

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Title: Mr. Goldman
Client: State Farm
Agency: DDB, Chicago. Scott Kemper, executive producer; John Hayes and Gordon West, creative directors.
Production: Partizan. Russ Lamoureux, director.
Post: Filmworkers. Fred Keller, colorist.


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