Imaginary Forces Paints With Love For Toyota


Last Updated: April 26, 2013 7:45 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--April 26, 2013) Ever get so caught up in the sometimes-arduous task of car shopping that you forget that it is actually meant to be fun? Imaginary Forces art director Joan Lau and creative director Michelle Dougherty bring back the youthful elation of selecting that lustrous new set of wheels in the charming :60 animation, “Love in One Mile,” for Toyota out of Saatchi London, co-produced with Supergoober, London.

The animation was created for the 2013 Geneva Auto Show and features the charmingly accelerated love story of Julia and Simon. We’re introduced to Simon’s instinctual approach to life, not only in choosing a soul mate, but also when choosing a trusted automobile.


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Dougherty and Lau, who were responsible for the now-famed transitional animations in the blockbuster feature “(500) Days of Summer,” brought the same love-filled exuberance to “Love In One Mile.” The results emphasize the couple’s innocence and an overall sense of renewal. Says Lau, “We wanted it to be fun and appeal to the female audience without alienating men. It’s a sports car after all.”

The original 2D artwork was created first, then Dougherty and Lau gave it 3D life and a narrative. To make the imagery multidimensional, the duo used After Effects and Cinema 4D, and they did it quickly. Continues Lau, “We were on a very tight schedule, compounded by a time zone difference between London and L.A., but the endearing tale about a guy who listens to his heart turned out very well.”

The highlight for Dougherty and Lau was creating the mountain-sized heart for the man to drive up. Aside from navigating the massive cardiac landscape, Simon and Julia’s story is completely true. The real-life couple even appears at the end.

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Client: Toyota

Title: “Love in One Mile”

Agency: Saatchi London
Production Companies: Imaginary Forces, Bicoastal and Supergoober, London
Creative Director: Michelle Dougherty
Art Director: Joan Lau
Designer: Pete McDonald
Lead Animator: Gary Hebert
Animator: Eric Demeusy
Producer: Christopher Ahn


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