Moxie Pictures’ Lena Beug Guides Parched Guys For Deep Riverrock


Last Updated: May 2, 2013 7:01 pm GMT
(New York, New York--May 2, 2013) Moxie Pictures director Lena Beug helps hapless, dehydrated guys in the comedic new :20s “Locker Room” and “Café” for Deep RiverRock out of McCann, Dublin. The campaign, produced by Red Rage Films, Dublin for the Irish market, captures men’s mental malfunctions in embarrassingly hilarious situations. Beug, a native of Ireland, is represented in the U.S. and U.K. by Moxie.

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Says Beug, “The minute I saw these scripts, I knew I wanted to do them. The idea is simple and clear, ‘when you’re dehydrated your brain’s not at 100 percent.’ The challenge was to cast it and art direct in a way that would really push the idea. I wanted the viewer to see the world through the characters dehydrated eyes. It’s a strange, slowed down, de-saturated world where nothing is quite as it should be.”

“Locker Room” opens on a shirtless young man tugging and tugging at a padlock on a locker. A voiceover declares, “When you’re not hydrated, your brain’s not at 100%.” Nothing seems to work, then looks behind him: primping and dressing women everywhere. This is the women’s locker room. The voiceover and supers conclude, “When you can’t think straight, hydrate. Deep RiverRock.”

In “Café,” we open on a couple trying to order at a café. The man orders to the waitress, “Dnos.” She’s confused. He says again, “Dnos,” and points to the word on the menu. The waitress flips the menu over so it clearly reads, ‘soup.’ He says, “Soup.” The voiceover concludes, “When you can’t think straight, hydrate. Deep RiverRock.”

The campaign also includes the :20 “Geraldine.”

Launched in 1992, Moxie brings the distinctive sensibilities of feature film directors, and the unique vision of the industry’s top commercial directors to diverse media including commercials, feature films, television, web series, sponsored content, music and political media. The presence of iconic directors such as Todd Haynes, Errol Morris and Todd Phillips join some of the top names in commercials, such as Martin Granger and Frank Todaro to form an unparalleled talent roster, garnering the industry’s top awards.

Client: Deep RiverRock
Titles: “Locker Room,” “Café” and “Geraldine” :20 X 3
Advertising Agency: McCann Dublin, Ireland

Art Director: Ray Swan

Copywriter: Emma Sharkey

Director: Lena Beug

Producer: Gary Moore
Production company: Red Rage Films
Post Production: Windmill Lane


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