TOLIS Group Announces Dam (Digital Asset Management) And Windows Tape Archiving Solutions At Nab’13


Last Updated: May 8, 2013 12:21 am GMT
(Scottsdale, Arizona--May 8, 2013) TOLIS Group provides market leading asset archiving-to-tape solutions and is pleased to announce two extensions to these proven solutions. From Ingest to Edit to Management to Archival and Delivery - TOLIS Group has the Broadcast, Film, and Music Industries covered.

Major players in the M&E Industry as well as small shops around the world are confidently utilizing our BRU technology, and we are pleased to highlight our latest solutions at NAB this year in booth SL13105 in the lower south hall.

ArGest CreativeSTORE™ Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution
Lost treasures due to lost content and assets are far too often an unfortunate fact of film production life.

The epic classic "Lost Horizon" is a great study in what happens when the assets that make up a production are not safely maintained and archived. After many years of searching the globe, "Lost Horizon" was reassembled from film stock varying in quality from good to very poor. Additionally, over 7 minutes of the original film video is forever lost and stills, used in concert with recovered audio, provide continuity in the restored film.

While many still hold on to the concept that physical film is the only true long term archival medium for film safekeeping, quite often, history proves otherwise. Little can be done to rebuild the parts of a film that were either lost or damaged through time and use, or simply tossed during the editing process, but modern productions don't need to suffer from this same fate.

Today’s file-based workflows require long-term archival, and digital tape technology - specifically LTO - has emerged as the new standard of reliability. Digital tape can not only be used to archive finished projects, it also effectively allows for the archival of art that would normally be "lost to the cutting-room floor" to be cost-effectively saved for future use. Given the 10's to 100's of terabytes of archived content per project, the task to provide fast and easy access to target files can be daunting. This is the realm of DAM (Digital Asset Management) solutions.

But, not all DAM solutions are created equal.

TOLIS Group will be demonstrating its new ArGest CreativeSTORE DAM solution in the lower south hall (SL13105) that incorporates best-of-breed software components (including our proven BRU™ technology) to deliver the most cost-effective, reliable, flexible, and scalable digital asset management solution available: bar none.

BRU Producer’s Edition™ for Windows to archive creative assets to tape
We are also launching BRU Producer’s Edition™ for Windows, a tool to easily create tape archives of creative assets on the Windows platform. Creators of art around the globe are finding that modern Windows-based workstations are providing the power and capabilities required to support their Broadcast, Film, Music, and Graphics Industry needs over the long-term, and this is the genesis of BRU PE for Windows. BRU PE for Windows is an extension of our widely-embraced BRU PE for Macintosh solution.

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