Cooke Optics to receive Technical Lifetime Achievement Award at Cine Gear Expo 2013


- Lens manufacturer will show latest innovations including Anamorphic/i and Metrology range -

Last Updated: May 8, 2013 5:37 pm GMT
(Leicester, United Kingdom--May 8, 2013) Cooke Optics will be the recipient of the Cine Gear Expo 2013 Technical Lifetime Achievement Award, in recognition of ’the significant contributions Cooke has made to advancing the art and craft of film making’. The award will be presented at the Cine Gear Expo VIP Reception at the Paramount Theater and Paseo Grounds on Friday 31 May 2013.

“We’re honoured to receive this accolade celebrating our 127 years of innovation within the motion picture industry,” said Les Zellan, Chairman and Owner, Cooke Optics. “I like to think that the original founders of Cooke lenses would approve of what we are doing today, following in their ground-breaking footsteps to create the best possible lenses for today’s film makers.”

Cooke will present its latest innovations on Booth 67 at Cine Gear Expo, including a prototype from its new Anamorphic/i lens range which was unveiled at NAB 2013. The Anamorphic/i range will consist of seven brand new prime lenses - 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 135mm, all at T2.3. The new lenses are approximately the size of Cooke’s industry standard S4/i lenses, retain the Cooke Look®, are colour matched with the Cooke 5/i, S4/i and miniS4/i ranges, and come equipped with the next generation /i Technology to capture lens metadata. Cooke’s anamorphic range is expected to start shipping in Q2 2014.

Industry reaction to the launch of Cooke’s anamorphic lenses has been enthusiastic.
Mike Seymour from took the lenses for a brief test-drive at NAB 2013 and had this to say: “Cooke has brought to anamorphic lenses the character, warmth and cinematic qualities of a 'Cooke look' lens. They have balanced a crisp new modern look with the key qualities from the past that make you want to shoot with an anamorphic in the first place.”

Cooke will also show its new lens test projector, the first product from a new range of affordable and innovative lens testing equipment designed by Cooke and manufactured by Pure4C, under the brand Cooke Metrology. Many current projectors cannot pass a beam correctly through lenses that are faster than T2. Cooke Metrology’s projector is so bright that it can be demonstrated in daylight, making it much easier to discern flaws and artifacts in fast lenses.

Cooke will also bring its industry standard 5/i, S4/i and miniS4/i lens ranges to Cine Gear Expo 2013.

About Cooke Optics, LTD.
Cooke is a storied name in both cinematographic and the ultra-high-end professional photography markets. Known worldwide for their precision, exacting tolerances and superior quality, Cooke lenses are specified by many of the world’s most respected cinematographers. Cooke is also the developer behind /i Technology, the protocol enabling vital lens and camera information to be captured and passed digitally to post-production teams. Features in production or recently shot with Cooke lenses include Zero Dark Thirty, A Good Day To Die Hard, To Rome With Love, Filth, After Earth, Hugo, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Midnight in Paris and My Week With Marilyn. Television shows in production or recently shot with Cooke lenses include Chicago Fire, Game of Thrones, World Without End, The Borgias, Downton Abbey, Upstairs Downstairs, Trollied, Trauma, Community, Back, Journeyman, State of Mind, Life, Bon


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