Maxx Digital to Offer Full 10Gig Ethernet Shared Storage System at Record Low Prices.


Last Updated: May 8, 2013 7:44 pm GMT
(Costa Mesa, California--May 8, 2013) Maxx Digital, a leading provider of storage and shared storage solutions for the entertainment industry, announced today that it has released a series of new shared storage solutions, called ThunderShare, using ethernet switches that offer the capability of 10 gigabit connections to every client computer over standard Cat6 cabling.

The new system will be released with 8, 12 and 24 port connections, all which will be full 10gig Ethernet. If the client computer has a 10 Gigabit ethernet card or a 10 Gig Thunderbolt adaptor, a bandwidth of over 300MB/sec can be achieved. The system is backwards compatibile with standard 1Gb Ethernet. Connection to standard 1Gb ethernet ports will continue to provide speeds of approximately 100MB/sec. The 10Gig Ethernet connections will use standard Cat6 cabling, allowing for connections up to 55 meters away, and up to 100 meters with new Cat6A cabling. 10Gig Ethernet adaptors are available for every type of Mac using a Thunderbolt connection. Computers that have been tested include the Apple MacBook Pro, the Mac Mini, and the iMac, as well as the Mac Pro, which uses a PCIe 10Gig Ethernet host adaptor card.

Prices for a 16TB, 8 user, 10G ethernet shared storage system start at $9,995.
All systems are expandable for use with additional storage, and all storage can be instantly plugged into a standard Macintosh computer that has a thunderbolt port for direct attached storage.

Customers requiring only 8 TB of storage, or less than 8 users, will pay even less.

Small workgroups with under 8 clients may now use an off the shelf Apple Mac Mini as the server computer for this system. Larger systems that require simultaneous 10 Gigabit clients can use an off the shelf Apple Mac Pro for the server computer. This new product line is shipping now.

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