NAIT and SGO form Educational Partnership to Equip Students with Cutting-edge Technology


Mistika and NAIT unlock an exciting new vision together

Last Updated: May 9, 2013 5:55 pm GMT
(Alberta, Canada--May 9, 2013) NAIT, the second largest Polytechic in Canada reknowned for its nationally accredited engineering, media and applied research, has invested in SGO's Mistika. NAIT DMIT (Digital Media and IT) is the only transmedia school of its kind in Canada, and has chosen the powerful and diverse Mistika software to enhance its digital media curriculum and content creation programs in Stereoscopic 3D and 2D. To keep students at the front of the digital industries when they graduate, NAIT DMIT believes that training and equiping students with the most up-to-date knowledge and cutting-edge tools is a bottom line.

Douglas Berquist, Instructor - Digital Media IT and Steve Chattargoon, Chair - Digital Media IT at NAIT

Placing Mistika software at the core of its editing and post production curriculum will result in next-generation graduates armed with real-life work experience. In terms of NAIT’s applied research programs, the limits that were previously imposed, due to technology and software limitations, have now been lifted. Mistika can now open up areas of exploration, development and possibilities for advancement that NAIT has been waiting for.

The DMIT installation for student training and research includes; a Mistika DI finishing suite tied to a 48TB SGO SAN shared storage, with a further six finishing suites and SANs to follow in the next semester. To complete the DMIT training system, the SANs will be tied to a dedicated SGO Mistika lab with 25 Mistika Insight learning stations, powered by HPZ820 computers. The DMIT programme, with the support of Canon Canada, will be marrying Mistika software with Canon’s latest capture technologies. Equipping students with the latest C500 cameras, DMIT will train through a 2K workflow where RAW uncompressed footage will be processed via Ethernet, from their studio to project labs and used for their assignments and innovative research projects.

Steve Chattargoon, Chair of NAIT DMIT states “Our goal is to be the best transmedia school in the world, to that end, you have to be on the cutting edge, that is why we chose Mistika. I do not understand why everyone is not using Mistika software, not only does it save us money but it delivers the most efficient workflows. With technological investments, we have to think in long terms, SGO is the right company to partner with and in terms of student outcomes Mistika pays for itself.”
Steve explains “The philosophy at NAIT DMIT, as a school, is to affect change in our local communities and in the world through training and research. What this partnership with SGO means is that together we are giving back to the community around us and supporting our student’s efforts to implement change in their world. We feel very privileged and excited to be part of the SGO family and to have Mistika here.”

Douglas Berquist, 30 year veteran producer and director, now an Instructor and 3D Researcher at NAIT DMIT says “Partnering with SGO keeps us ahead with game-changing technology and we're absolutely delighted. Mistika leads the way in high-end post production and Stereo 3D editing which is beneficial for our students in terms of developing contemporary skills. Mistika will enhance our reputation in applied research and for delivering graduates with real-life skills who will enter the workforce in sync with the digital industry not trailing behind it.” Douglas adds “For our 3D research, Mistika has made the next strategic leap for us possible, something we are very excited about... what I personally love about Mistika is that it allows us to easily manipulate 3D image issues like no other system on the market.”

Steve adds further “What I also love about Mistika is everything is integrated into one complete system. Students from our program are getting jobs across all the digital media industries, including film and television. By having exposure and training on a system such as Mistika, it extends opportunities and allows them to become a force that drives the industry when they graduate. Our students who have just graduated heard that Mistika is now being offered in the curriculum and have decided to return just to learn the system; that is an example of the impact this technology is having.”

Geoff Mills, Director of SGO Global Sales & Operations asserts “To be able to deliver something different and unique is a challenge and SGO shares NAIT's values where innovation is a key driving force. We are very excited that Mistika will also be involved in high profile research projects contributing to important medical and scientific breakthroughs. We feel honoured to be involved in playing a vital role in changing lives where Mistika will be utilised in new sectors. It is very important to educate on the use of leading edge equipment and to provide facilities for the marketplace to learn best practice and workflows. SGO is proud to assist NAIT in educational programmes, where it will be providing resources and support to contribute to the community.”

Geoff concludes “Mistika is revolutionary and an award-winning asset for creative and ambitious organisations. With high frame rates and 3D technology gaining momentum, it is essential Mistika is well placed in a highly regarded educational establishment in Canada to be used in global outreach programmes.”

ABOUT NAIT - NAIT is a prestigious centre of excellence, industry-accredited and highly driven by the creative use of digital technologies. Since its establishment in 1962, NAIT has built a reputation for providing outstanding applied education with a human touch. A number of unique programs and strong industry ties make NAIT stand out from the rest which include their unique baccalaureate programs developed to respond to industry’s needs as well as their twelve apprenticeship programs exclusive to NAIT in Alberta. In addition, program advisory committees advise NAIT on industry trends and the skills graduates should possess. NAIT is also the largest apprenticeship trainer in Canada.

ABOUT MISTIKA - As the cornerstone of many internationally acclaimed facilities and broadcasters, Mistika provides creative tools for 2D and highly-developed stereoscopic 3D productions, boasting remarkable speed and real-time visual effects, colour grading, editing, compositing, graphics and multi-format mastering and much more. With Mistika operating from non-proprietary hardware with an open file structure, including widespread codec-support, it enables easy integration and compatibility with other systems. Mistika uses NVIDIA's Quadro GPUs to accelerate algorithmic computations involved in all visual effects, pushing the boundaries of science. SGO entrusts Mistika to HP's platforms in order to achieve maximum real-time editing, ultimate grading and compositing. HP Workstations are time-tested and dependable and exclusively used to accelerate 2D and Stereo 3D post production workflows in all Mistika projects.

ABOUT SGO - An established European developer of leading high-end solutions including its flagship DI and Stereo 3D finishing system Mistika, and on-set application Mistika Live for the post production and broadcast industries, supported by specialist technology partners such as HP and NVIDIA. A global company, SGO continues to expand with offices and reseller partners across the world. Visit them at


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