"Video Games: The Movie" Breaks Funding Target And Announces Stretch Goals



Last Updated: May 29, 2013 5:37 pm GMT
(Dallas, Texas--May 29, 2013) Mediajuice Studios announced today that the Kickstarter campaign for its indie documentary film "Video Games: The Movie" has eclipsed its funding goal and will be able to complete post-production before its planned theatrical release.

Mediajuice reached its initial Kickstarter target of $60,000 in less than two weeks, and the money raised will be used to fund post-production on the film, to include editing, a musical score, motion graphics and the acquisition of licensed archival clips.

In addition to securing funding, Mediajuice has announced several new stretch goals including:
  • $80k: A celebrity voice over narration
  • $100k: Purchasing rights to use popular songs in the film
  • $120k: A musical score created by a famous band and/or composer

Video Games: The Movie is about an industry that I grew up with and love, the video game industry. We want people to gain an understanding of our industry and we want to dispel many of the outlandish fallacies that currently plague it,” said Jeremy Snead, director of Video Games: The Movie and president of Mediajuice Studios. “The crowd funding route allowed us to go out to a community of like-minded people, who are as passionate about this industry as we are. We are eternally grateful to them for helping to bring this movie to the silver screen. Thank you.”

Directed by Jeremy Snead, Video Games: The Movie will tackle many of today’s hot button topics, including the questionable correlation between video games and violence, the exploration and elevation of video games as an art form, next-generation and future-generation gaming and the negative stereotypes that continue to plague the industry despite its popularity and commercial success.

Video Games: The Movie will future incisive interviews with the people who helped shaped the interactive entertainment industry, including Nolan Bushnell (founder of ATARI), Randy Pitchford, Cliff Bleszinski, and many others. At E3 2013, the Mediajuice team plans to capture additional industry interviews with a focus on international developers and next generation platforms.

Video Games: The Movie is a feature-length documentary, which aims to tell the untold story of video games by giving a past, present and future look into how games are made, marketed and consumed, and how in turn, that has created a culture unlike any other. Where is the industry and the growing audience of gamers headed? The entire story will be told through the eyes of game developers, publishers, and consumers.

Video Games: The Movie is not just another film about the games industry - it will attempt something much more ambitious: the question of what it means to be a gamer, a game maker and where “video games" will be in 10, 20, even 100 years from now. Video Games: The Movie will showcase the evolution of industry via four sections: The History, The Culture, The Creation and The Future through insightful interviews. Participants include Rob Pardo (CCO, Blizzard Entertainment), Mark Rein (vice president, Epic Games), Cliff Bleszinski (Gears of War, Unreal Tournament), Nolan Bushnell (founder of ATARI), Brian Fargo (founder, Interplay & InXile), David Perry (co-founder, GAIKAI), Randy Pitchford (president, Gearbox), Palmer Luckey (creator of the Oculus Rift), Kudo Tsunoda (Corp. VP, Microsoft Game Studios) as well as some of geek & gamer culture’s leading celebrities such as Wil Wheaton, Chris Hardwick, Max Landis and Alison Haislip.

For more information about the Kickstarter, please visit http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mediajuicestudios/video-games-the-movie.


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