Award Winning Film “The Lunchbox” Benefits from StorageDNA’s LTO/LTFS Solution


Producers save time and streamline workflow with The Bridge’s On-Set Lab powered by DNA Evolution for camera master archives and conforms from LTO

Last Updated: June 3, 2013 5:53 pm GMT
(Irvine, California--June 3, 2013) StorageDNA, Inc., a leader in intelligent storage and archiving workflow solutions for media professionals, today announced that The Bridge’s On-Set Lab is delivering significant performance increases and substantial cost and time savings with archive and retrieval workflow solution, DNA Evolution™ for several feature film projects in India including winner of the Cannes Film Festival’s International Critics Week Grand Rail d’Or Award, Ritesh Batra’s Dabba (The Lunchbox).

“We are proud of our films and all the work that goes into making them a success,” said Guneet Monga, producer of The Lunchbox and Danis Tanovic’s upcoming film. “We are extremely happy to be working with The Bridge and StorageDNA, and as a result our workflow has become more streamlined and faster. They provide a crucial resource that we will be using in all of our upcoming projects and we are happy to enjoy a great working relationship with Sidharth Meer and his firm, The Bridge.”

The Bridge is a post production facility, located in the heart of Mumbai, India’s entertainment industry, specializing in on-set dailies, data archiving, color grading, and post production workflow design and management. On-Set Lab is the company’s portable field archiving solution that uses StorageDNA's revolutionary Linear Tape Open (LTO) with Linear Tape File System (LTFS) workflow solution for quick archives of digital camera masters and conforming media directly from LTO tape. The Bridge has an extensive roster of feature film projects, including the recent award winning, The Lunchbox. All of their projects to date have benefited from the On-Set Lab including, Academy Award winner, Danis Tanovic’s upcoming film, Bombay Talkies, Ship Of Theseus, M-Cream and others.

“Hard drives are unreliable and costly, so the trend will be to see more movement toward LTO/LTFS for archiving as it offers mobility, stability, and significant cost savings. We chose DNA Evolution to be the backbone of our On-Set Lab because StorageDNA has the best technology to help our producers achieve all the functionality they need, while bringing down the cost of storage,” said Sidharth Meer, CEO of The Bridge. “The Lunchbox was our first project with DNA Evolution and since then we have experienced such impressive results, and have so many projects, that we will add another system dedicated to conforming media directly from LTO tape because this automated process, unique to DNA Evolution, saves so much time.”

DNA Evolution is an intelligent LTO with LTFS archive and retrieval workflow solution that maintains the integrity of digital assets while ensuring content openness and future access. The LTO tape archival life, combined with DNA Evolution’s automated and periodic tape health checks, ensures the long-term protection and integrity of media. It also provides automated archive processes and advanced media workflows that reduce the time spent in post production, including conforms directly from LTO for most camera formats.

“The Bridge offers superior services for their feature film clients, who are very talented producers, and we are honored to be working with them,” said tC Chakravarty, CEO and president, StorageDNA. “We are pleased that more and more production teams recognize the value of automating and streamlining the archive-restore and conforming processes with LTO and LTFS workflow solutions.”

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