Boxer’s Rodrigo Garcia Saiz Rewards Athletic Endurance With Microwavable Delights For Sadia


Last Updated: June 3, 2013 6:02 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--June 3, 2013) Los Angeles-based Boxer Films director Rodrigo Garcia Saiz pacifies a dedicated fighter’s fall from glory with mouthwatering microwavable burgers in the new :90 “Boxer” for Brazilian food company Sadia Hot Pocket out of DDB Brazil. Produced through Saiz’s Mexico City-based Central Films, “Boxer” features an intrepid boxer working toward physical perfection with daily runs and back-breaking strength training, only to fall short once in the ring.

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Notes Garcia Saiz, “When I read the script for this spot, I knew that we wanted to be a part of it. It’s not your typical ‘fast food’ spot and there was such terrific collaboration with the agency to allow us to really draw in the audience with a character-driven story, before completely pulling the rug out from underneath them.”

“Boxer” opens on the sun rising over a desolate cityscape. We cut to a man stirring to meet the sunrise, taking a moment to muster motivation before an early morning workout. He goes about his routine with the utmost focus, pushing his limits to the breaking point running, jumping rope and shadowboxing to amp up his fighter endurance. He continues to challenge his stamina as the days roll on, unceasingly committing to his morning workouts, trainer sessions and weightlifting, pouring his sweat and heart into his goal of future victory. He grasps onto his faith and the encouragement of others in his bleak moments of doubt, and pushes through to the final culminating moment facing his opponent in the ring. With the crowd roaring with cheers and cries of encouragement, the boxer approaches his match with confidence and determination.

As the bell ceremoniously signals the start of the fight, his opponent goes in for a standard first jab, immediately sending the apparently overconfident fighter to the floor, down for the count. The referee raises the opponent’s glove in victory as we see the super, “A lot of time is wasted in life.” We cut to a shot of a Sadia Hot Pocket being cooked in a microwave and the super, “It’s time to recover.” The now bruised boxer satisfyingly sinks his teeth into the burger, cleansing his loss with juicy sustenance. The package appears next to him along with the super, “Sadia Hot Pocket Hamburger. Ready in 88, 89, 90 seconds.”

About Boxer
LA-based Boxer Films is an innovative, risk-taking collective of award-winning visual storytellers. Concepts come into Boxer on paper, over the phone, on cocktail napkins. They go out razor-sharp, game-changing entertainment for a multitude of platforms.

Since 1999, Boxer has continually broken new ground in broadcast, branded content, interactive, film and now iBook digital content production. Founder/EP John Clark, EP Beth George and EP John Barrerio have fostered a results-driven, family-like creative culture that makes Boxer the ideal creative partner in any quest for exceptional media.

Boxer director Rodrigo Garcia Saiz received a 2012 Cannes Lion for his Gandhi Bookstores campaign as well as a 2011 Gold Cannes Lion and Bronze in the London International Awards for the AMIS :30, “Office.” He has won Cannes Lions every year for six years running. Up-and-comer Jonathan Hyde was named one of SHOOT’s Best New Directors and was a finalist for the 2012 YDA Award at Cannes for his short film, "Chronos." Boxer director Jim Zoolalian’s 14-minute short film "Miracle" took home a Coup de Coeur at the 64th Cannes International Film Festival.


Client: BRF Brazil Foods S.A.
Product: Hot Pocket Sadia
Title: “Boxer” :90
Agency: DDB Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Marco Versolato
Creative Director: Luciano Lincoln, Wilson Mateos
Copywriter: Una Rubia un el Avion
Art Director: Una Rubia un el Avion
Agency Producer: Gilberto Pires (Gibinha)
Account Mangers: Monica de Carvalho, Andrei Croisfelt, Daniel Malavazzi, Marcelo Trivilato
Production Company: Central Films/Planta Films, Mexico
Director: Rodrigo Garcia Saiz
Producer: Maruricio Francini
Cinematographer: Beto Casillas
Art: Carlos Urdanibia
Post Production: Central Films, Mexico
Editor: Jorge Hernandez
Sound Design: TDL MUSIC


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