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Last Updated: June 10, 2013 6:57 pm GMT
(Barcelona, Spain--June 10, 2013) Cinemartin, the European team producer of the acclaimed Cinec software that were released supporting encoding / decoding of several video files to professional cinema clips, including presets for exporting to prores 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 codecs, now announces its second major release, the 2.0, wich among other features spots a RAW conversion tool, support for DNG files and more.

Cinec 2.0 is released free and from now is available for download along with premium paid versions (pro and gold).

This major release brings new features like colormatrix conversions, up to 6 cores dedicated to
processing and a new tool called RAW Converter featuring paralel processing, that allows create & transcode clips from still & raw files including DNG and DPX.

Cinemartin Cinec 2.0 is a brilliant companion for the workflow of camcorders and cinema cameras that are used to produce professional clips, dramas and even movies. This release is focused on cameras that outputs RAW images / files, like Blackmagic cinema camera, Canon Raw & C cameras, Sony F55 and Sony F65, Arri Alexa, and the RED one, Epic & Scarlet.

Thanks to its new RAW conversion tool, you can add RAW single files to make the perfect clip for your workflow, cause you can add tiff, jpg, dng and even dpx files to create single clips in prores or h264 format among others.

Cinemartin Cinec RAW Converter
Cinec 2.0 can use up to 6 CPU cores to accelerate the encode of video files, and can use paralel processing to accelerate the raw conversion process (the process that convert raw files like DNG’s to a valid output file valid to create clips (videos from stills)). The software have automated mecanisms for this and other purposes.

Conforming one of the fastest encoder / transcoders for pc, other features include advanced colormatrix conversion: 601 to 709, SMPTE, FCC.

Cinemartin Cinec 2.0
Cinec is available from the web at


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