TJ’s Sports Garden Enhances Fans’Game Viewing Experience with 18-Monitor, Matrox Mura MPX-Powered Video Wall


AV partners Hitplay and Roalka Digital Media leverage five Mura MPX output/input boards to showcase live sporting events across easy-to-use 6x3 platform

Last Updated: June 12, 2013 5:16 pm GMT
(Montreal, Canada--June 12, 2013) Matrox® Graphics Inc. today announced that West Virginia’s TJ’s Sports Garden deployed Matrox Mura MPX™ single-slot, output/input controller boards to capture and display live sporting events on an 18-monitor video wall installation for an unrivalled sports viewing experience. AV partners Hitplay and Roalka Digital Media leveraged Mura MPX’s universal input channel support to source digital, analog, and HDCP-compliant signals, and output them across a group of displays or the entire video wall. To further simplify video wall management, Hitplay integrated a Crestron 2-Series Control System™ so operators can seamlessly send content and layout commands to the wall via a user-friendly Apple® iPad® interface.

TJ's Sports Garden uses Matrox Mura MPX video wall controller boards to showcase live sporting events on an 18-monitor installation

Hitplay and Roalka Digital Media integrated five Mura MPX boards within a custom-built system, capable of scaling and switching between up to eight digital and analog cable and satellite set-top boxes. Mura MPX’s compatibility with Crestron control systems also let Hitplay design a tailor-made graphical user interface (GUI) equipped with a set of preconfigured layouts. Employees conveniently manage the highly-intuitive control platform with simple iPad touch-screen instructions that easily changes where and how the content appears on the video wall.

“The client was blown away with the scaling performance of the Mura MPX-based video wall controller,” said Eric Rauch, principal & designer at Hitplay. “It didn’t matter what layout they used. They were very happy with the performance.”

Video Wall with a Simple Playbook
TJ’s is a fast-paced environment, with customers constantly requesting to view different sporting events. To seamlessly handle these demands, Hitplay topped off the integration with a Crestron 2-Series Control System™ to further simplify management of the Mura MPX-powered video wall. The AV firm designed a custom user interface along with a set of preconfigured layouts that employees can access through an Apple® iPad® tablet. All screen configuration and video feed commands are sent to the Mura Network application programming interface (API), and in turn communicated in real time to the video wall. Employees also use the Crestron system/iPad package to correspond with a Kramer audio switch to broadcast the appropriate audio channels.

“As integrators, we were surprised at how easy and intuitive it was to synchronize the Crestron control system with the Mura MPX boards. As a result, this allowed us to dramatically improve the client’s ability to interact with the system,” said Rauch. “Through simplifying the control of layouts and switching, we were able to ensure that they could manage the system by themselves without the need of support resources.”

An Immersive Venue
The video wall has dramatically enhanced the atmosphere at TJ’s. There has been a significant increase in restaurant traffic, with a particular rise in larger-sized groups dominating the areas closest to the Mura MPX-powered platform. Furthermore, staff have noticed a more lively and interactive environment when all restaurant patrons are watching the action on the same screen.

By keeping an eye on the ball, or the wall in this instance, Hitplay and Roalka Digital Media have transformed TJ’s Sports Garden into an unbeatable place to catch the big game.

Matrox Mura MPX video wall controller boards will be demonstrated live at InfoComm 2013 at Matrox booth #4759, from June 12-14 at the Orange County Convention Center.

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