International Media Facility TVT Integrates AmberFin iCR Into File-based Media Facilities in Sydney and Singapore


AmberFin Increases Flexibility and Efficiency in Tapeless Workflows at Cutting Edge APAC Region Media Facilities

Last Updated: June 21, 2013 5:22 pm GMT
(Singapore--June 21, 2013) At Broadcast Asia (stand 5E1-02) AmberFin, a leading developer of file-based media ingest and transcoding solutions for content owners, broadcasters, sports organizations and post-production houses, announced a contract with international media facility, TVT. The project sees the company’s iCR software-based media ingest, transcode and quality control platform integrated within TVT’s file-based workflows at a new media facility in Sydney, Australia. The new facility is contributing to TVT’s successful APAC region new business drive, building on the success of its Singapore operation where already AmberFin iCR plays a central role in enabling efficient file-based media operations.

Established in 1994, TVT has seen considerable growth in its international operations over recent years, especially within the APAC region. The company’s facilities offer versioning, localisation and media supply services: in 2011 in Singapore, it established a file-based facility which can digitise, transcode, create rich metadata for content, edit, create subtitles and provide language, video restoration, VOD and OTT support services. Also, the facility houses a large volume of digitising formats as TVT process a lot of archive material. The facility processes, 1- and 2-inch tape, U-matic and a broad diversity of other tape formats in order to digitise and create a usable asset form. It also houses the South East Asia arm of TVT’s content production team.

This facility operates within a tapeless, file-based production environment and this is where AmberFin’s iCR file-based media ingest and transcoding solution adds value to TVT’s operations. The Singapore office services a number of clients including RTM, RTB, MediaCorp, CinemaWorld and The National Archives.

Fully operational by 1st June this year, TVT’s new Sydney facility has already secured major contracts to provide all media preparation services for the BBC and UKTV channels in Australia and New Zealand. Once again, in Sydney, TVT is using the AmberFin iCR platform to enable all media ingest, transcode and QC operations at this new facility.

TVT has enjoyed superb business growth over recent years and the company’s Chief Operating Officer, Jake Robbins, believes its choice of technology partner has played a central role in this on-going success story. “TVT needs the flexibility and confidence in the systems that we implement to service our clients with top quality products to give them the best results,” comments Jake Robbins. “The flexibility of AmberFin's systems enables us to deal with multiple clients and workflows as well as automating elements of them. We make full use of its digitisation, transcode and QC functionality across the many formats that we take in and are required to make.”

Like TVT, AmberFin identifies the APAC region as being influential in its business development strategy. The company believes that TVT’s pioneering facilities showcase its core capabilities in this dynamic market. “TVT has a business model that employs cutting edge technology to provide top quality customer service and we are proud to contribute to their success throughout the APAC region,” stated Jeremy Deaner, Chief Executive Officer at AmberFin. “We hope that these two facilities will provide a template and illustrate what efficiencies are possible within a modern media factory.”

About TVT
Between programme planning and playout, TVT provide all the components to build channels: sourcing tapes and scripts, ingesting and transcoding, complying, editing, subtitling, translating and then sending off by fibre optic. TVT is an automated engine room that SD and HD channels flow out of, day after day, to schedule.

Its global facility network was created from the bottom up as tapeless environments, for flexibility and for cost effective control, to act as single integrated systems. So from the moment a programme is scheduled, a trackable process takes place to a predetermined timetable, until that programme joins hundreds on the conveyor belt awaiting transmission.

About AmberFin
AmberFin is a company at the heart of solving file-based workflow problems for content owners, broadcasters, sports organizations and post-production houses. The AmberFin Media Factory, based on the iCR family of modular software products, digitizes and transforms new and archived content, combining a service oriented design philosophy with intelligent use of cost-effective generic IT. This enables customers to save time, increase revenues and grow in-line with business demands.

Unique to the Media Factory system, AmberFin’s industry first approach to Quality Control, known as Unified Quality Control (UQC), introduces a QC mark that brings a new level of trust to media assets. UQC uniquely combines an automated process with a human touch, enabling more efficient and effective decision-making and new levels of confidence in the file creation and transformation processes.

Since its inception, AmberFin has enjoyed continuous growth thanks to hundreds of iCR systems being deployed worldwide. Systems that are trusted where quality matters by some of the world’s leading media organizations including HBO, AP, Reuters, WWE, ITV, Sony Pictures, NBA, Turner Broadcasting, ZDF, NRK, National Geographic, BT, Discovery and Warner Brothers.


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