Quvis Announces Player To View Studio-Quality Digital Cinema Packages On A Workstation


Last Updated: June 23, 2013 8:27 pm GMT
(Topeka, Kansas--June 23, 2013) Today QuVIS announces the release of their highly anticipated DCP Player software, allowing film producers and post production houses to view DCPs on their Apple Mac workstations. The entire DCP can now be easily previewed as many times as needed during post production. The Player offers excellent color representation on computer monitors and attached displays, and is a high quality, affordable solution. “We are very pleased with the utility, play quality, ease of use, and low price we were able to provide in this initial release of our DCP Player. We are also proud of the excellent customer upgrade we are offering for this product. It is now as easy to play a theatrical digital cinema package as it is to play consumer media like DVDs” according to Kenbe Goertzen, QuVIS Chief Technology Officer.

Viewing of DCPs has always been a problem for budget minded independent film producers. Prior to the release of the Player, viewing the digital film required a trip to the local cinema, and often a $500+ fee. They now have an affordable, convenient way to generate a DCP with QuVIS Wraptor software and do preview and quality assurance viewing of the full-length digital film on their workstation, utilizing the same Digital Cinema format required for big screen theatrical presentation.

The release of the Player comes at a time when more independent film festivals are requiring film entries as DCPs especially for final screenings. These same film festivals can utilize the high quality, inexpensive QuVIS Player to present content.

About QuVIS

QuVIS Technologies provides Independent Filmmakers with DCP software and services to create affordable, studio-quality Digital Cinema Packages. QuVIS released a software-based DCP Player in 2013, enabling filmmakers to create and play a DCP without leaving their studio. For nearly two decades, QuVIS has invented technology to move vast amounts of data in real time with extraordinary visual representation. QuVIS' patented Quality Priority Encoding (QPE) customizes data compression frame by frame, resulting in the highest quality possible. QuVIS products have been trusted by more than 2,000 customers for digital mastering and cinema playback including Pixar, Universal, Paramount, Sony/Columbia Pictures, Fox, Miramax, Lucas Films, Warner Brothers, Lightstorm, and DreamWorks.

Visit QuVIS online at http://www.quvis.com


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