DAX “BITTEN” In Canada


New series is among those lining up for DAX

Last Updated: June 25, 2013 8:43 pm GMT
(Toronto, Ontario--June 25, 2013) DAX Cloud ULC, the Canadian arm of DAX, the Los Angeles-based provider of cloud-based production and post-production services, has booked "BITTEN," the 13-part werewolf series produced by Vancouver’s No Equal Entertainment and Hoodwink Entertainment, and Toronto’s Entertainment One (eOne) in association with Bell Media. The hour-long drama will air on Space in Canada in early 2014.

“I use both the iPad app and the computer interface and find DAX to be an invaluable tool for our production," said J.B. Sugar, Executive Producer, No Equal Entertainment.

BITTEN is among the first Canadian productions running through DAX Cloud ULC since the company launched Canadian operations in April 2013, delivering cloud workflow and media asset management applications to companies that produce, distribute and license audio-visual content. The company’s office in Toronto is a Canadian entity offering access to Canadian tax credits for US clients shooting in Canada, and Canadian clients shooting worldwide.

Other shows include the History Channel’s 10-episode second season of VIKINGS. About to start up on the DAX platform are the second season of CBC's CRACKED, season 5 of REPUBLIC OF DOYLE and season 4 of the SYFY/Showcase show LOST GIRL.

ABOUT DAX CLOUD, ULC http://www.daxcloud.ca , @daxplatform
DAX launched its Canadian arm, DAX Cloud ULC in April, 2013. DAX is the leading provider of targeted workflow and media asset management applications and services to companies that produce, distribute and license audio-visual content. Used by most Hollywood Studios and TV Networks, the DAX platform is a highly-secure web-based environment where users can share ideas, information and content created throughout the production or campaign lifecycle, or as required for trafficking and distribution of final product. The company’s US headquarters is in Los Angeles, close to the major Hollywood studios and networks it services, while DAX Cloud, serving Canada’s media industry, and its clientele shooting in Canada, operates from its Toronto office. DAX has served the production of more than 2,000 television shows and movies.


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