Magicsoft Releases Upgrade for Magicsoft Playout


Latest Version Adds Support for Customizable As-Run Logs, LAV Filters and more

Last Updated: June 26, 2013 9:04 pm GMT
(Hong Kong, China--June 26, 2013) Magicsoft Ltd. has released its latest version of Magicsoft Playout, version 6.4. Magicsoft Playout is a Windows 7 based Client-Server playlist application that sequences video clips for playout using Blackmagic Design Intensity, Decklink or Multibridge products. Playlists can be created on different systems as well as on the playout system using Magicsoft's Playlist Editor which is provided with the software at no additional charge. The latest release of the software includes support for customizable As-Run Logs, for freeware LAV decoders and for the creation of playlists by importing data from .txt files.

The customizable As-Run log feature allows users to establish the start time of their broadcast day. This feature is particularly useful for broadcasters who report media playback based on a start time that does not start at midnight each day.

The ability to important clips from .txt files allows users to assemble media in thrid party applications that will export a .txt file. The Magicsoft Playout user then simply imports the names of the media clips from the third party application and the media clips are immediately added to the playlist.

LAV Filters are multi-format DirectShow decoders and splitters and are based on FFmpeg.

Supported LAV filters include MOV, AVI, MXF, MPEG-2 and H.264
  • QuickTime containers as .mov, .mp4 and .dv are supported for DV, DVCPro50, DVCPro HD, Mpeg4, H264, DnxHD, ProRes and JPEG2000 decoders with audio AAC, AC3 or uncompressed

  • AVI containers are supported for video codecs as DV, MJPEG and Xvid and audio as mp3 or uncompressed

  • MXF, OP-1a type is supported for DV (SD), mpeg2 long-GOP ( HD from Vegas and AVID) and AVC intra 100 with uncompressed audio.

  • MPEG-2 containers with the extensions .mpg, .vob, .m2t, .m2t ( using a program stream or transport stream multiplexing mode) are supported. The sub-sampling mode for video is MPEG 4:2:0 and uncompressed, mpa, AAC and AC3 audio files are supported.

  • H.264, containers with the extensions .ts, .mts are supported as transport stream multiplexing mode. Sub-sampling mode for MPEG-4 is 4:2:0 and audio is AC3.

Users can now either purchase third party plug-ins directly from codec developers or they can use the LAV DirectShow filters which are based on FFmpeg.
Magicsoft Playout has advanced features that are sold as options by other companies. These include Subtitles and Logo Overlay, Watch-folders and auto-start playlists based on date and time. Playout of uncompressed alpha channel enabled video clips to overlay animations over live video. In addition, Magicsoft Playout has support for database and a watchdog feature that will automatically notify you by email if there is a problem with the software and restart it if needed.

Users can set new in and out points for clips prior to playback - without physically altering the existing clip. Multiple playlist may be opened simultaneously and the user can switch seamlessly from one playout to the next. And finally, when two Blackmagic I/Os are installed, the user can alternate between a live input and playlist playout. Switching back and forth from playlist to live can be integrated directly into a playlist so that at certain times during the day, the system will automatically go to live input and then come right back to scheduled playout.

Magicsoft Playout version 6.4 is available for USD 895 for SD playout, USD 995 for HD playout. For existing Magicsoft Playout 6 users, the upgrade is at no charge.

About Magicsoft
Headquartered in Hong Kong, Magicsoft specializes in providing sophisticated playout, CG and streaming software for use with Microsoft Windows. Magicsoft has offices in Asia and Europe, and uses Digital Marketing International to represent its interests in North and South America.
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