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Last Updated: June 27, 2013 6:04 pm GMT
(Pangbourne Berkshire, United Kingdom--June 27, 2013) Marquis Media Partners today launched its Energy Platform Audit service to help broadcasters to improve business efficiency and assist with the planning and design of new broadcast centres.

The dependence on modern day digital IT based systems used in broadcast production, playout and distribution technology demands higher levels of resilience to cope with growing power loads and ensure continuity of output. Marquis’ specialist team are able to provide an expert assessment of existing infrastructure to ensure organisations operating in the broadcast and media space can sustain growth and are not constrained in the future.

“The foundation of any broadcast operation and business success is its energy platform. This includes power and cooling systems, thermal management, EMC and earthing, on which any operation is totally reliant”, explains Mike Cronk, senior partner, Marquis Media Partners. “In-fact, failure and unreliability of an energy platform will impact on service output more than any other aspect of a business as it is common to both the technical and administrative activities – resulting in reduced profitability and growth and disenfranchised audiences.”

“Marquis will give an expert assessment and audit of existing infrastructure identification of any primary failure modes and provide expertise to evaluate power and cooling infrastructure, independent advice, a fully documented risk assessment and a detailed plan on how to address any issues, including areas such as disaster recovery,” continues Cronk.

Two recent examples of where Marquis Media Partners has given independent advice are MBC in Dubai and SIS in the UK.

“We have really benefited from Marquis’ independent advice in managing our local contractor – not only giving MBC great value but the confidence that we have a sound and proven energy platform”, Andy Palmer, technology director, MBC.

“This is the second major project Marquis has successfully delivered for SIS. We are delighted with the service and attention to detail.” Jason Barker, director, Satellite Information Systems.

“Working in a partnership with our clients and their staff is at the heart of our philosophy. The expertise our consultants have comes from many years in the industry and they are available help with projects, assisting with strategy or working to supply a broader range of advisory services” confirms Cronk.

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