Imaginary Forces Directors Dougherty And Fong Enter The Mind For Lexus


Last Updated: July 2, 2013 8:45 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--July 2, 2013) Imaginary Forces directors Michelle Dougherty and Karin Fong deliver a visceral, mind-bending ‘feeling’ in the new :45 “Intensity” for Lexus out of DentsuBos, Toronto. Produced for the Canadian market, the spot artfully visualizes an exhilarated mindscape, stimulated by driving the muscular new Lexus IS.

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Says Dougherty, “We wanted to affect viewers in a more visceral way than the more traditional approach—using images evoking power and energy, but with an element of fun and the unexpected.” Adds Fong, “The idea was to play up the senses. We deliberately shot the car and a mix of elements to create an eclectic mix that together capture the excitement of driving this car.”

“Intensity” opens on an IS speeding down a highway, before jolting inside the mind’s eye of its contented driver. Rapid-fire images fill the frame, delivering a pulsating visualization of the exhilarating driving experience. The sensory journey pitches forward, reveling in speeds akin to the most agile mammals and the feeling of leather as soft as a feminine palm. The senses collide, launching the driver into a driving experience so vivid, it feels as though they are, “Driving In Every Sense.”

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Client: Lexus Canada
Title: “Intensity,” :45/:30/:15
Airdate: Currently airing
Agency: DentsuBos, Toronto
Agency Producer: Dena Thompson
Agency Creative Director: Andrew Manson
Agency Art Directors: Steven Kim
Agency Copywriter: Greg Frier
Production Company: Imaginary Forces
Directors: Michelle Dougherty & Karin Fong
Executive Producer: Ben Apley
Producer: Keith Bryant
Designer: Rob Bolick
Animator: Mike Cahill, Kim Im, Eric Demeusy, Hunter Thompson
Illustrator: Pete McDonald
Editor: Danielle White
Inferno Artist: Rod Basham, Phil Man
Coordinator: Joseph Abou-Sakher, Ryan Speers
Storyboard Artist: Bernard Custodio, Vincent Lucido
Audio Mix: POP Sound, L.A.


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