At IBC AmberFin Will Highlight Enterprise Versatility & Quality Control’s Critical Roles in File-based Workflow Efficiency


European Debuts for Transcode Farm Control Capabilities, Enhanced Unified Quality Control Environment plus New IMF-based Transcode & Ingest Devices

Last Updated: July 16, 2013 11:33 pm GMT
(Basingstoke, UK--July 16, 2013) AmberFin (stand 7.H39), a leading developer of file-based media ingest, transcoding and quality control solutions for content owners, broadcasters, sports organizations and post-production houses, will use IBC to highlight the importance of scaling versatility, high calibre quality control resources and cost efficient media transformation platforms in the rapidly growing file-based workflow market space.

New iCR Transcode Farm Controller increases enterprise scaling options
AmberFin will debut a strategic extension to its iCR (intelligent content repurposing) family of modular software products. The new iCR Transcode Farm Controller functionality builds on AmberFin’s market leading multi-format transcode capabilities. It significantly increases the flexibility and versatility of a multi-node transcode environment, bringing improved resilience and robustness whilst simultaneously generating cost savings through more versatile network licensing capabilities.

Unified Quality Control ecosystem evolves
The product of another strategic development initiative, AmberFin will showcase an enhanced version of its Unified Quality Control (UQC) platform. This major new release extends the UQC ecosystem to support best-of-breed third-party tools and fixes in areas such as loudness control and multiple language support for media files.

“The key AmberFin message at IBC this year is the importance of high quality production tools combined with the versatility to scale your ingest, transcode and QC systems to meet the precise needs of your enterprise operations now and in the future,” commented Jeremy Deaner, Chief Executive Officer at AmberFin. “Whatever the size of your media facility, wherever in the world you are based and whatever the needs of your customers, AmberFin can help increase quality, efficiency and profitability in your file-based enterprise operations.”

AmberFin addresses IMF
At IBC 2013, AmberFin will also demonstrate iCR platform's support for IMF (the Interoperable Master Format). IMF is a new SMPTE file format designed to create a single - standardized - master bundle for distribution of versioned content between businesses into multiple territories.

"With the iCR platform’s versioning functionality, you can create the metadata for IMF bundles so that you won't need to create a thousand copies of the same content to address the need for a specific version for a specific audience + format + territory. IMF provides the specification to separate the content into various ingredients or components (namely, MXF media files), a number of ‘recipes’ (Composition Play Lists) and a selection of instructions (or Output Program Lists) appropriate for each of those audiences. iCR then uses this metadata to take the right mix of ingredients, the right recipe and a tailored set of instructions to create a dedicated version for each market, without having to duplicate the master files. From the end-user perspective, IMF will be an invisible part of the media creation process, but IMF will bring significant efficiencies to their workflow; iCR will make IMF so boring, that it will all just work," adds Bruce Devlin, Chief Technology Officer at AmberFin.

AmberFin Academy gathers momentum
Launched earlier this year, the AmberFin Academy is a new industry resource designed to help broadcast professionals navigate the complexities of file-based workflows. As part of the Academy, at IBC, AmberFin will demonstrate the latest version of its MXF (Material eXchange Format) Desktop software application. AmberFin MXF Desktop is a free software application that adds MXF awareness to PCs running Windows XP or Windows 2000 operating systems.

The AmberFin Academy is a free resource that is accessible to all, and features a lively and informative blog (, white papers, free training videos, media thought leadership, views from experts, tricks and tips and up to date information on broadcast formats and standards.

About AmberFin
AmberFin is a company at the heart of solving file-based workflow problems for content owners, broadcasters, sports organizations and post-production houses. The AmberFin Media Factory, based on the iCR family of modular software products, digitizes and transforms new and archived content, combining a service oriented design philosophy with intelligent use of cost-effective generic IT. This enables customers to save time, increase revenues and grow in-line with business demands.

Unique to the Media Factory system, AmberFin’s industry first approach to Quality Control, known as Unified Quality Control (UQC), introduces a QC mark that brings a new level of trust to media assets. UQC uniquely combines an automated process with a human touch, enabling more efficient and effective decision-making and new levels of confidence in the file creation and transformation processes.

AmberFin continues to experience market growth thanks to hundreds of iCR systems being deployed worldwide. Systems that are trusted where quality matters by some of the world’s leading media organizations including HBO, AP, Reuters, WWE, ITV, Sony Pictures, NBA, Turner Broadcasting, ZDF, NRK, National Geographic, BT, Discovery and Warner Brothers.


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