Directing Duo The Chartrands & Lucky Post Create ‘Man Made Drama’ Spot For Ram Commercial Brand & The Richards Group


Last Updated: July 17, 2013 11:16 am GMT
(July 17, 2013) “Mad Made Drama” is a tribute to the power of Ram Commercial trucks and man’s ability to shape the world around us through hard work and sheer will. Directed by Lucky Twenty One’s The Chartrands for advertising agency The Richards Group, the spot was edited by Lucky Post’s Logan Hefflefinger.

View it here:

The Chartrands scouted “Man Made Drama” in and around Portland in a Ram Truck, shooting additional footage along the way. To capture the desired images of both the truck and the surrounding environments, including a cameo by a highly trained Wolf Dog, the duo shot using a Phantom, Klaus Cam and car rig. “The agency provided a great concept and the trust to allow us to explore and elaborate,” comments Marc Chartrand. “Plus, they encouraged us to really put the truck through its paces and get it dirty which adds a level authenticity, not to mention fun,” adds Melanie Chartrand.

Lucky Post’s Logan Hefflefinger shaped the footage, honing the visual narrative in collaboration with The Chartrands: “The Chartrands are incredibly talented and shoot with the edit in mind, providing a wealth of beautiful footage from which to craft the story.” Meanwhile, Lucky Post’s Seth Olson created graphics highlighting the Full Line’s accolades and Scottie Richardson designed a soundscape with intensity to match the visual narrative.

“It was another great experience with The Chartrands and the folks at Lucky Post. We're lucky to have such talent,” concludes Rob Baker, Brand Creative with The Richards Group.

Client: Chrysler Group LLC
Chief Marketing Officer, Chrysler Group LLC: Olivier Francois
Head of Advertising, Ram Truck Brand: Marissa Hunter
Ram Advertising Specialist: Nicole Pesale

Agency: The Richards Group
Brand Creative: Rob Baker, Jimmy Bonner, Lori Wittig & Jeff Hodgson
Brand Management: Dennis Berchulc, Chris Siminski, & Jaime Roderer

Production Company: Lucky Twenty One
Director: The Chartrands
DP: The Chartrands and Dean Mitchell
EP: John Gilliland

Post: Lucky Post
Editor: Logan Hefflefinger
Assist Editor: John Valle
Graphics: Seth Olson
Sound: Scottie Richardson
Finish: Tone Visuals @ Lucky Post

Color: Company 3


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