VFX Panama’s Post-Production Team Sees Improved Workflow with Addition of Small Tree Titanium16 Shared Storage


Faster File Transfer Rates Achieved with Effective Storage System

Last Updated: July 17, 2013 12:31 pm GMT
(Panama City, Panama--July 17, 2013) With 17 to 18 video editors accessing large media files simultaneously, VFX Panama, an award-winning full-service production company, recently replaced their aging storage system with a 64TB Titanium16 shared storage system from Small Tree to improve workflow. Small Tree is the leader in simple, affordable and powerful Ethernet-based shared storage solutions for professionals engaging in the creation, management and delivery of electronic media and entertainment content.

As part of Star Communications Holding, one of the most powerful companies in the region dedicated to marketing and communication solutions, VFX Panama was searching for a solution that would improve file transfer rates. “We are constantly looking for technological options to optimize our performance. As a full-service production company we need to be innovative, not only in content generation, but also in the technologies we use to benefit our clients’ projects,” said Regina Barletta of VFX Panama.

“We have a talented team and high definition equipment to produce next generation films, videos, animation and photography in Panama. We have produced award-winning TV commercials for companies in Panama, Central America and the entire world, which is a powerful reason to have the best technology and solutions for our company” added Barletta.

Small Tree’s Titanium16 is a 3U rack-mount solution is configurable up to 20 GbE or 12 10GbE ports and storage capacity from 32TB to 320TB while delivering up to 72 streams of ProRes 422. The system provides a variety of scalability options as well, which was an extremely attractive feature for VFX Panama.

VFX Panama relies on Red cameras to capture content for the commercials and long-form videos it produces for its clients. In post-production, the agency’s team use industry standards such as Final Cut Pro 7, Adobe After Effects and Smoke, all of which the Titanium16 works with seamlessly.

“We approached Small Tree because of their expertise, their storage performance, networking systems and the affordability of their technology. We looked at a bunch of competitors, but the value and efficiency of Small Tree’s solution was perfect for us,” said Milton Rodriguez, Chief Technology Officer from Star Communications Holding.

Rodriguez added, “We needed a solution that allowed us to grow naturally into what we are and what the industry wants us to be. Small Tree’s technology gives us what we need today with capabilities to expand into what we’ll need tomorrow”.

For more information about Small Tree and its growing line of shared storage and networking products, visit http://www.small-tree.com. Follow Small Tree on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/SmallTreeComm or on Twitter @SmallTreeComm.


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