Half-Pipe Demos in OptiTrack SIGGRAPH Booth Showcase Robust Capabilities of Motion Capture System


Last Updated: July 22, 2013 11:00 am GMT
(Anaheim, California--July 22, 2013) Motion capture provider OptiTrack is featuring markered skateboarders shredding a half-pipe in its booth (#535) at the SIGGRAPH Conference in Anaheim, Calif. from July 23-25, 2013. The custom 30’x20’ setup maximizes the available capture volume by leveraging the wide-angle capabilities of 24 Prime 17W cameras powered by recently released Motive:Body software. Specially engineered skateboards featuring LED markers embedded on the decks, trucks and wheels allow them to be tracked alongside the skateboarders’ movements and will be captured, delivered and rendered in real time in the first live demonstration of its kind. Also performing with the skateboarders will be an expert quad roller skater.

“OptiTrack’s core technology is remarkably extensible,” said Brian Nilles, Chief Strategy Officer. “Motion capture setups that were formerly considered to be very difficult and unthinkable in live exhibition settings are just really easy for OptiTrack systems. The skate ramp is a great example of the Prime 17W’s ability to pack large capture volumes into small spaces, and the SIGGRAPH show will feature an all real-time performance in the half pipe with multiple performance types in just a 30’x20’ space.”

Launched earlier this year, the Prime 17W is the latest offering in OptiTrack’s Prime Series line of high performance motion capture and tracking cameras. An ample 70° by 51° field of view and impressive 50’ range offers users flexible system deployment and camera configuration. The wide angle FOV delivers clean, continuous data with fewer cameras and also captures up to 360 fps with full frame, global shuttered precision. The robust technical capabilities make it the ideal technical choice, and the low OptiTrack pricing makes it the perfect solution for animators, engineers, clinicians and researchers at facilities large and small.

OptiTrack’s Motive software works seamlessly with the full range of OptiTrack cameras to create a simple and high fidelity motion capture pipeline that is fast and easy to setup, and produces the cleanest 3D performance data. The skateboards will be tracked with Motive’s new rigid body engine, which enables highly accurate motion capture results. The Motive:Body software includes dozens of time saving features including one-click subject calibration for quick character setup, easy skeleton export to Autodesk® MotionBuilder®, precision finger tracking and kinematic labeling.

For more information, stop by the OptiTrack booth (#535) at SIGGRAPH or visit http://www.optitrack.com

OptiTrack™ is the largest motion capture provider in the world, offering high-performance optical tracking at the most affordable prices in the industry. The OptiTrack product line includes motion capture software and high-speed tracking cameras, as well as contract engineering services. Used by facilities worldwide in a variety of markets ranging from film and games to sports training and biomechanics, OptiTrack customers include Luma Pictures, Microsoft Game Studios, Proof, Halon Entertainment, The Moving Picture Company, Audiomotion Studios, Rockstar, nvizage, Electronic Arts, Animatrik and other top studios and developers around the world.


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