New Book Release: Timeline: Digital Edition 1 by John Buck Now Available For Download in iTunes Store


From horse and buggies to hyperspace.

Last Updated: July 27, 2013 11:53 pm GMT
(Melbourne, Australia--July 27, 2013) Enriched Books Ltd has released a digital version of the highly regarded, Timeline: A History of Editing written by film editor John Buck. Timeline Digital 1 is available immediately, and exclusively, in the Apple iTunes store.

Thanks to Martin Scorsese’s 2011 movie “Hugo,” filmmakers were reminded that Frenchman Georges Méliès invented movie special effects, but few can name the English magician who invented film editing, the German mountaineer who built the first editing machines, or the St. Louis native responsible for creating a digital editing system in 1970, some 20 years before the Avid Composer.

Timeline Digital 1 answers these questions and many more as it details the development of this critical craft from the very beginning to the present day. Buck uses his award-winning editing skills to interweave the real life stories of people, films, and the tools that shaped every movie from A Trip to the Moon to Star Wars: A New Hope.

"This is the best history of film & video editing development I've ever seen in one place," said Ralph Guggenheim, a former Lucasfilm executive and founding member of Pixar.

Timeline Digital 1 includes never before seen photographs, video material, archival brochures, animated patents, and interviews with key players like Thelma Schoonmaker and Stanley Kubrick.

"The new Timeline is designed specifically for the iPad and it not only gives the reader an exhaustive and compelling educational read but it also uses state of the art ebook technologies that highlight our highly visual craft,” said author John Buck.

In an industry filled with vision and revision - Timeline Digital 1 is a must-read for anyone studying or working in film and television production.


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