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Turnkey solution delivers fast playlist creation, multi-angle instant replay, exacting control over slow motion playback, and tight integration with EditShare’s shared storage and Flow asset management solutions

Last Updated: August 1, 2013 8:50 pm GMT
(Boston, Massachusetts--August 1, 2013) EditShare®, the technology leader in shared media storage and end-to-end tapeless workflow solutions, announced the availability of Geevs Sports, a brand new turnkey solution tailored to the unique needs of multi-channel, fast-paced sports and live events coverage. A comprehensive sports production solution, Geevs Sports includes the Geevs Sports Replay multi-channel HD server; an integrated Multiviewer, a tactile Controller; and the Geevs Sports Assistant web client for logging events with pre-defined markers and subclips.

Competitively priced, Geevs Sports integrates with EditShare’s storage and Flow asset management solutions, making it a complete sports production platform for broadcasters, outside broadcast companies (OBs), and in-stadium television producers. “Geevs Sports is no ordinary sports system,” states James Richings, managing director, EditShare. “In addition to the breadth and depth of capabilities and outstanding performance, Geevs Sports Replay’s user interface is a key attribute that operators will appreciate. Uncluttered, Geevs Sports Replay displays information clearly and concisely, giving users the utmost confidence to make instant production decisions in a rapid-moving environment.”

Sports Replay’s uniquely engineered Multiviewer lets users view all four inputs and two outputs simultaneously, with clip, transport status, audio presence and tally all within one screen. The agile and compact custom controller gives operators precise access to playlist functions with a minimum number of keystrokes, facilitating fast playlist creation and instant replay of any clip from multiple angles.

Sports Assistant logs requirements of different sports with pre-defined markers and subclips. Users can also create templates to better suit the logging requirements of different events. Because Geevs Sports Assistant is web-based, it can be used on a range of devices including iPad® and Android® tablets.

Geevs Sports Integration With EditShare Storage and Flow Asset Management
Seamless integration across the EditShare product line means that sports production teams can capture to and playback directly from EditShare shared storage, centralizing sports content for rapid production. Editors using industry-standard applications including Avid®, Adobe Premiere Pro®, Final Cut Pro® and Lightworks have immediate and shared access to both high-res and proxy files even while recording is in progress.

Playlists created in Geevs Sports can also be viewed and adjusted in Flow, EditShare’s asset management application. This capability gives more accessibility across production teams, allowing operators and producers to collaborate more effectively and quickly. With immediate access to both high-res and proxy files, users can assemble, edit and review highlights in Flow and send them for playback in Sports Replay. Richings continues, “With the capabilities of Sports Replay and Sports Assistant integrated across EditShare solutions, Geevs Sports is a fierce competitor with remarkable speed and versatility – all important factors that users demand.”

Geevs Sports Key Features and Highlights
  • Multichannel HD server with four inputs and two outputs
  • Smooth replay of highlights with variable forward/reverse speeds and still mode
  • Geevs Sports Replay Multiviewer feature displays play and record channels with status, clip name, time codes and audio presence all within a single screen
  • Agile Geevs Sports Replay controller gives precise access to playlist functions with minimum keystrokes, facilitating fast playlist creation and instant replay of any clip from multiple angles
  • Geevs Sports Assistant web-based client lets users log events with pre-defined markers and subclips, making content ready for instant replay by the Sports Replay operator
  • With seamless integration between Flow and Sports Replay, assistants can organize and edit clip lists in Flow Browse and prepare them for playback on air in Sports Replay
  • Capture and playback directly from EditShare shared storage: editors and Flow users have access to both high-res and proxy files even while recording is in progress
  • Backup and archive game content using EditShare’s nearline Ark Disk storage or LTO-based Ark Tape - search, select, preview and restore Ark content using Flow Browse

For more information about Geevs Sports, please visit http://www.editshare.com/products/geevs/geevs-sport

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