University of California at San Diego Goes Beyond 4K with Sony’s F65


School’s Visual Arts Department Explores Next Frontier of Digital Media

Last Updated: August 7, 2013 8:59 pm GMT
(August 7, 2013) The University of California at San Diego’s Visual Arts Department and its Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination has entered the new frontier of digital media production with Sony’s flagship CineAlta F65 8K sensor camera. As 4K rises to the forefront of film and television production, the department is leading the way among educational organizations utilizing the F65 camera’s ultra-high resolution for a range of student projects, digital media research and campus events.

The F65 will be used to support and produce high-quality graduate student thesis projects, including experimental short films and the development of new elements for multi-media art installation and globally networked live performances. The camera will also be available to the department’s faculty and research associates.

UCSD received one of the first Sony 4K projectors in North America almost seven years ago, and UCSD’s Visual Arts Department professor Sheldon Brown, a long-time pioneer in the digital media field, has a history of pushing the limits of traditional digital media. Brown’s research has focused on early development processes for 3D, and now in the area of 4K, he will use the F65 to go beyond 4K for projects with up to 300,000,000 pixel displays.

”UCSD has a rich history of leading-edge cultural production combining both the artistic and the technological vanguard,” Brown said. “The F65 is a tremendous new tool for us to be able to use in our exploration beyond 4K. The camera brings a new level of sophistication to our work, allowing us to make a far more substantial push in the integration of camera-based footage into new types of hybrid digital media environments. The F65’s shutter allows us to avoid certain kinds of artifacts which appear at ultra-high resolution. The way in which the sensor elements are structured also provides for the highest levels of color fidelity.”

“Students are the future leaders of the industry, and partnerships like the one between UCSD’s Visual Arts Department, the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination and Sony are critical to the evolution of digital media,” said Rob Willox, Director of Large Sensor Cameras at Sony Electronics. “The creativity and innovation that is coming out of UCSD is a preview of the industry’s future. We look forward to following the department’s projects as they put the F65 to the test.”

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Re: News: University of California at San Diego Goes Beyond 4K with Sony’s F65
by Chris Harlan
This is quite cool! But what is even cooler is that there is an Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination. That has got to be the coolest thing I've heard in the last half decade. Being a Clarke devotee, I'd love to know more about their programs.
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