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Last Updated: August 20, 2013 9:06 pm GMT
(Westbury, New York--August 20, 2013) Our newest power product is the FlyPack Power Distributor. Much like the JetPack, the FlyPack is an all in one power distributor, featuring an all aluminum chassis, with three 1/4-20 threads on the back for easy mounting.

With an MSRP of $219, this is an accessory for any budget! Hook it up to a rail mount and you can power up to 4 different devices from one battery source. Use the FlyPack to power your Zoom recorder, BlackMagic camera, HDV camera, DSLR camera, Redmote, Tascam, and even your iPad/iPhone.

The Flypack is small. How small? It measures a little over 3" square and only 1" thick. Weighing in at only ½ pound, you will not even notice the weight on your rig.

With 2 different models, the FlyPack comes in a 5v/7.2v/12v base model and a 5v/12v/12v 212 model. It includes a powertap cable, accepting a power input from 12-17vdc, as well as one USB output, one 5v Lemo output, one 7.2v regulated outputs, and one 12v regulated.

The FlyPack Base model is targeted toward the HDV and DSLR users. The 212 model is geared toward professional users who do not need the 7v output.

Check out our blog to see how we hooked up our BMCC with the FlyPack.

The FlyPack works with all the JetPack power cables to correspond with different cameras.

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