TMD Develops "Supply Chain" Approach To Multi-Platform Content Management


Last Updated: August 24, 2013 11:34 pm GMT
(Amsterdam--August 24, 2013) IBC 2013, 12-17 September, Stand 2.C58: The biggest challenge facing broadcasters and content owners today is serving the ever-expanding number of devices and platforms on which consumers expect to be able to view their choice of media. TMD is addressing this with extensions to its Mediaflex platform which allow content preparation and delivery to be planned and executed as an automated just-in-time supply chain.

Each delivery platform requires the content to be prepared to a unique combination of screen resolution, codec, wrapper, content protection, delivery stream and supporting metadata. This packaging operation is a massively complicated undertaking in its own right. Add to this the need to support multiple languages in the content and in subtitles, and rights issues which mean some content may only be available on a subset of platforms. It is clear that this operation can only be supported by a sophisticated, highly automated workflow.

The TMD approach starts by looking at the rights information and tracks metadata throughout the workflow to create content for the right platforms, devices and languages, to be delivered to the delivery network at the right time. Workflows are developed by users based on business analytics and intelligent decision-making based on metadata.

“The need to monetise content through multiple platforms is a business need,” said Tony Taylor, chairman and CEO of TMD. “So the right approach is a business solution, underpinned by embedded technology, just as any other business would regard its supply chain. That is why TMD Mediaflex, with its powerful workflow engine and business analytics, is best positioned to deliver real efficiencies.

“The business approach also allows the broadcaster, or its enterprise management applications, to develop an understanding of precisely which resources are required for each process,” he added. “That means that financial directors now have a real understanding of what it costs to deliver content to each platform to set against the potential rewards.”

TMD’s content management solution, along with the rest of the Mediaflex modular asset management system, can be seen at IBC on stand number 2.C58

About TMD
TMD is a global leader in the design and implementation of media and content management solutions and associated services to the media, broadcast and archive sectors. The TMD Mediaflex modular software suite provides a platform for the management of digital content as well as physical assets, such as film and video tape. Based in Aylesbury in the UK, TMD serves the market worldwide and has an active presence in the USA and Australia.

2013 sees TMD celebrating its 15th year of business and marks the 10th anniversary of the commercial launch of Mediaflex.

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