Superlux Designs A 3D/Live Action Broadcast Package For TNT-LA’s 55th Grammy Awards


Last Updated: August 28, 2013 5:31 pm GMT
(Atlanta, Georgia--August 28, 2013) Superlux captured the attention of millions of viewers in 17 Latin-American countries with a provocative Grammy Awards package driven by bold, colorful 3D graphics that interact with live performance clips from TNT Latin America’s global broadcast. The boutique conceived, designed, created visual effects and edited the multi-layered mix of footage and graphics, which mirrors the pallete and pace of the clips, to create a broadcast package that maintains the coherent stylized look of the Grammy broadcast, while bringing Superlux’s exuberant aesthetic to the music industry’s biggest event.

“When working with TNT-LA we always design five or more concepts,” says creative director, Mark Falls, co-owner of the one-stop creative boutique, “For this package we incorporated 3D components with patterns made up of glassy surfaces inspired by faceted gemlike objects. This approach provided the requisite levels of gloss and abstraction, and the versatility needed to create dynamic transitions that integrated the colorful, dynamic and glamorous feel of the event.”

During the conceptual phase Superlux created a variety of motifs and design languages. The multiple concepts initiated a dialogue with the TNT-LA producer, Gabriela Guerrero, as they focused on identifying the strongest solution. The design initially selected was a mix of 2D and 3D, which was to be integrated with live action sampled from existing Grammy footage. However, the Superlux team realized that going with a 3D graphic execution of the package would provide a more dynamic visual experience and allow the designers to finesse lighting and color to play though the graphics to imbue the footage with an ethereal feeling. They also recommended a distinctively vibrant magenta-violet palette, evocative of concert lighting that tied into the live action footage of the Grammys - evoking the glitz of the biggest night in the music industry.

“Gabriela, has worked with us numerous times,” says Falls. “Over the years we’ve developed the kind of collaborative relationship and level of trust that allows us to push boundaries and explore less conventional creative options. She typically provides some reference material in the form of previous broadcasts or other programming that has some aesthetic kinship to the current project. Superlux’s team studies them and then we do our own research and generate an internal brief.”

Superlux, known for their innovative approach to creating broadcast packaging that mixes live action with 2D and 3D graphics, had several designers interpreting the assignment. Internal critiques from different perspectives helped them hone their initial ideas into five concepts for presentation. They then posted a number of representative style frames for each concept to their client portal. From there, the TNT-LA team, which includes

Gabriela and her creative director Patrick Harrington, evaluated the designs and then got back to Falls with feedback, a selection of a design and a list of deliverables. Superlux then built out the various elements, such as titles, bumps, intros, end pages, etc. and submitted them for approval.

“Choreographing the color, transparency and lighting of the glassy tiles that made up our transitional plates required a number of iterations to resolve,” says Falls. “The designs needed to capture the scale and glamour of the event, while complementing all of the musical style and genres being celebrated. Designing an abstract visual representation for this world-wide event is always a challenge.”

Superlux art director Eric Carros cut the clips that are integral to the package, allowing the team to follow its distinctive creative vision through the process of marrying the 3D and live footage. The seamless workflow enabled them to make the end product extra dynamic - and deliver the complex package in under four-weeks.

The Grammy show is preceded by a live nominations program, which airs several months ahead of the awards. Superlux met the challenge of creating a pair of complementary packages to serve the two distinctly different programs. They produced the nominations package first, taking care to reference the Grammy Awards package, without directly borrowing elements from it.

“Superlux is all about bringing strong ideas to life with seductive motion, utilizing design as the unifying force that determines aesthetic, technique, and logistics,” says Falls. “TNT-LA's level of collaboration always makes the job an enjoyable experience – and working with creatives of their caliber was key to creating a final product we’re all proud of.”

Guerrero, has tapped CD Superlux’s talent for a number of award show packages, including The American Music Awards, The Miss Universe Pageant and The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

About Superlux:

Superlux is a one-stop creative resource dedicated to the moving image. Our roster of works runs the gamut, from creating branding content for spots, promos, ID’s, web content, broadcast media, shorts, film, interactive content and apps to digital signage and point of purchase work for clients such as Coca-Cola, TNT Latin America and Whole Foods Markets. A mix of experience across the board - and execution-agnostic approach has made Superlux the go-to resource for multi-platform solutions for networks, agencies and brands.


Type: Broadcast Package

Product: TNT Latin Grammy Awards

Title: 55th Annual Grammy Awards package (Length: variable)

CLIENT: TNT Latin America
Producer: Gabriela Guerrero (Best Contact for Approval)
Creative Director Patrick Harrington

DESIGN COMPANY: Superlux/Atlanta
Creative Director: Mark Falls
Lead Designer: Eric Carros
(Equipment: Adobe Production Suite)

Animator: Saif Khan
(Equipment: Adobe Production Suite, Cinema 4D)

Editor: Eric Carros
(Equipment: Adobe After Effects)

All footage was outtakes from TNT/LA’s Grammy Awards Show



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