Backyard’s Nick Piper Eliminates ‘Wet’ For Rust-Oleum


Last Updated: September 3, 2013 3:29 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--September 3, 2013) Venice, CA/NYC-based Backyard director Nick Piper delivers a visually poetic homage to miraculous moisture resistance in the new :30 “Never Seen This” for Rust-Oleum out of McGarry Bowen, Chicago, IL. The spot features a nearly microscopic look at liquid playfully bouncing and bubbling over super-hydrophobic surfaces.

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By capturing water, spilled juice and a mud puddle in meticulously composed, macro-lens slow-motion, Piper gives us a rare glimpse at how repelled liquid actually behaves. When that liquid never infuses surfaces, it becomes an artful showcase of the powerful new treatment, NeverWet.

Says Piper, “One of the challenges we faced was that super-hydrophobic behavior is happening at a microscopic level. To really understand what’s going on, that this isn’t a photographic trick, we had to use macro-lenses to get into nanometer proportions. We also shot it at frame speeds—1000 and 1500 fps—that allowed us to hang on these moments because if you look at something in normal speed, the moment is gone and you can’t really understand why the boot stays dry through a muddy puddle.”

“Never Seen This” opens on a drop of water bouncing onto a rubber mat like an amorphous ball. A voiceover intones, “This is water. You’ve never seen it behave this way.” We then see surfaces being rained on, spilled on and submerged, “But never wet.” A graphic and the voiceover inform that this is because of Rust-Oleum’s “Revolutionary superhydrophobic treatment that causes liquids to form perfect spheres… just spray it on and it’s never wet.” The Rust-Oleum and NeverWet logos close out the spot.

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Client: Rust-Oleum
Title: “Never Seen This,” :30
Airdate: July 15th, 2013
Where shot: Glendale, CA
Agency: McGarry Bowen, Chicago, IL
Creative Directors: Ned Crowley, William Cannon, David Claus
Head of Production: Lisa Snyder
Agency Producer: Tracy Tran
Production Company: Backyard Productions, Venice, CA/NYC
Director: Nick Piper
DP: Neil Shapiro
Producer: Anton Maillie
Executive Producer: Kris Mathur
Editorial Company: Optimus, Chicago, IL
Editor: Aaron Porzel
Editorial Producer: Tracy Spera
Post Production: Chemical Effects, Santa Monica, CA
Post Producer: Jennifer Mersis


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