Lucky Post Brings “Details” To Life For RAM Laramie Longhorn & The Richards Group


Last Updated: September 5, 2013 8:31 am GMT
(Dallas, Texas--September 5, 2013) The Richards Group recently collaborated with Lucky Post’s Editor/Designer Sai Selvarajan and Animator Seth Olson and to create a design-driven spot for RAM. Entitled “Details,” the commercial follows the trail of an animated map that highlights the provenance of the prized features of RAM’s Laramie Longhorn Truck from “leather sewn with the soul of the West” to “wood that’s felt the bite of barb wire.”

The look of “Details” was inspired by a print book produced by The Richards Group, which was then brought to animated life by the Seth and Sai at Lucky Post. Building on a burnished roadmap pastiche, the duo worked in collaboration to design and animate a spot that reverberates with Americana.

Maddie McDowell, Brand Creative at The Richards Group notes: “Seth and Sai were invaluable in translating the concept into what you see on screen. They both came to the table with great ideas about how to handle the visuals, and their attention to detail—everything from subtle animation of the water on the map to nuances in timing—was very much appreciated.”

“It’s been exciting to watch Sai and Seth work so seamlessly from design to completion,” says Lucky Post EP Jessica Berry. “They concepted the design direction, with Sai leading 2D and edit, and Seth forging the 3D animation. Throughout they built on each other’s process and creativity, resulting in a compelling whole with Details.”

Experience the road to RAM Laramie Longhorn here:

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Agency: The Richards Group
Agency Producer: Paul Nelson
Creative Directors: Jimmy Bonner & Rob Baker
Copywriter: Maddie McDowell
Art Director: Parker Bell

Animation/Design/Graphics/Post: Lucky Post
Designer: Sai Selvarajan
Animator: Seth Olson
Mix: Scottie Richardson


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